Author: Jazmin Gomez

Can’t wrap my mind around it

  In all utter honesty, this is me trying to comprehend multimodal. I get that this is out-of-the-box thinking with projects that allows people to grasp the concept more. It’s more than just writing, I think. It involves using your senses, plus writing and images that just blows your mind away. It always leaves one questioning how that person was… Read more →

I’m Stuck

  Jon Snow is pretty wise, and he knows shit. I, on the other hand, am so lost with this “What I know So far” assignment. Ok, in all honestly, I haven’t even thought much about it because I have 2 essays that I have to work on this weekend, and I have other stuff that I’m concerned about–I’ve been… Read more →

I Kinda Forgot…

Every day we have millions of thoughts and ideas in our head, and we go through many things in life, that we forget those thoughts and those ideas. Wednesday I had a great idea for this blog…that I totally forgot. Sad. But, I will try my best to make it an interesting vlog. Ha. The five paragraph…that damn burger. I… Read more →

Pull the Lever, Kronk!

  Oh, Kronk, such a great character. Ha. I think we have all taken Kronk’s great repetition of syntax in our essays throughout the years. Especially high school essays. Oy. Speaking of high school…. remember when teachers would tell us that the college professors were going to be such a-holes and not bestow mercy upon us? Riiiggghhhhtttttt. *Kronk voice*. I… Read more →

Writing is Art

I love to free write. I’ve done it since I was in middle school, though now I don’t write as much as I use to. People ask how I can write outside of school essays–for them, it’s hard to write a title on the damn paper. I would just shrug my shoulders. I never found it necessary to really state my… Read more →