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Free Yourself with Verse

Free Yourself with Verse

I choseĀ Brown Girl Dreaming for my free verse book. This was the only genre I wasn’t exactly looking forward to, but this book is so beautifully written by Jacqueline Woodson that I quickly regretted that thought. I got really excited because I recognized the poem “a girl named jack” early in the book that Professor Kittle had showed us in his class that I really liked. And that liking for her poems continues and grows with each page of her book! Sometimes the form can get a little distracting, but I find that it makes me linger on the word a little longer and the next line packs a heavier punch because of it. It also allows me to create more of an image of whatever Woodson’s describing. This book can be used in a classroom when learning about the history of how African Americans fought for their equal rights and the gradual change that came about throughout the North and South because of it.

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  1. Hi Rachel! I chose the same book and love it as well! I love the way she describes everything. I also like your poem!

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