English 341: It’s Like This

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blog 3- late Sarah Roberts King and Kayla

blog 3- late Sarah Roberts King and Kayla

The series book I chose to read was King and Kayla. King and Kayla is an adorable story about a hunt for the missing peanut butter treats Kayla had made for the new puppy down the street. At first Kayla suspects her dog King ate the treats but soon realizes it wasn’t him and they go on a mystery together to solve who took the treats. I really enjoyed the plot and thought it was very entertaining and such a cute story. I think the first grade maybe second grade age group would love this series especially because it involves dogs as well. There are many games and recipes that go off this series that are available to young children. There also are other books to read in the King and Kayla series.

I think this would be a perfect beginner series book to implement into my own classroom. This book could be a class read or even a take home book. Starting a series book is how I learned to love to read and I think it could inspire some of my future students. King ans Kayla is such a perfect beginner series book that keeps its readers hooked with mystery. I will definitely use this book in my future classroom.

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