Why a good book is a secret door

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The War That Saved My Life Make

The War That Saved My Life Make

After reading The War that Saved My Life. I felt inspired and realized that if I was a teacher reading this book to my class, I would want to create awareness. Not only to the children in my classroom but to the whole community. I found this wonderful organization called Miracle Feet. Miracle Feet is an organization that is bringing clubfoot treatment to low and middle-income countries where proper treatment for clubfoot is scarce. They also offer help in the United States where they allow people to purchase a clubfoot brace. They have a section in their website where you can help them fundraise for the organization. I thought that a cool idea is to get the children in my classroom involved. We can do a fundraiser for children with clubfoot. We could do an array of things, like a bake sale, a car wash, or we can even do a talent show and charge people to see them perform. When we raise the money I was thinking of not only sending the check over but also letters from all my students. They can write a letter to Miracle feet, and also maybe they can write a letter to the children that are being helped. I think it is very important to stay informed and updated with things that are happening around us and helping those that need it the most. I hope I can actually implement this in the future.





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