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G+ Community

We will share some of our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links here.

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Resources, Books, Ideas for Integrated Unit Plan

Resources, Books, Ideas for Integrated Unit Plan

(From email I sent March 18)

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the great conversations at our conferences last week. As promised, here are the various resources that were mentioned in our different team meetings that could be useful to all of you:

  1. EXAMPLE: First, here is another example of a draft of the Unit Plan assignment you may find helpful: LINK HERE
  2. IDEA FOR AN ESSAY: Here is the link to the “hermit crab” essay example: LINK HERE. I’ll ask Professor Pape for her assignment description next week too and we can discuss.
  3. LOTS OF TEACHING RESOURCES: Just a ton of links that I have curated for poetry, comics, where to find books, etc: LINK HERE <—REALLY, you should click and bookmark these links
  4. SHAKESPEARE TEACHING RESOURCES: This link will take you to a folder with lots of Shakespeare Resources (including a document with lots of helpful links) that Dr. Kelly put together for us in 534 spring 2017: LINK HERE You’ll want to save this.
  5. SHAKESPEARE BOOK LIST: Dr. Erin Kelly shared a book list (below) with diverse authors who could be interesting to pair with The Tempest for Kurtus who is using this play, but others of you might want to bookmark these or consider if they are useful to other plays as well.
  6. GOOGLE DOC INSTRUCTIONS: Finally, I’m asking you to share your draft in a Google Doc with me. In case you need instructions for creating and sharing a google docHERE is a LINK.
  7. DUE DATE AND LINK: The draft is due before class on March 28: Assignment link here again
    • Aimé Césaire has a postcolonial reworking of the play in his own play, Une Tempete  — not sure if there’s an English translation
    • Jamaica Kincaide’s Annie John (novel)
    • Derek Walcott’s Omeros (book-length poem)
    • Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart (novel)
    • Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o‘s Weep Not, Child (novel)
    • George Lamming’s The Pleasures of Exile (non-fiction) or In The Castle of My Skin (novel)
    • For a more contemporaneous take, they might try…Olaudah Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano
    •  They might think about Leslie Marmon Silko’s Gardens in the Dunes (novel)
    • Joy Harjo’s poetry would also be a good option or Layli Long Soldier’s book, Whereas

Hope you get a moment of rest this break and also enjoy imagining and designing your future high school class.


Reminders & Things for Feb 7 class

Reminders & Things for Feb 7 class

Hello nice people of English 534,


Here are a couple reminders for Thursday’s class (and you can find most of this info on the calendar too: LINK)

  • Buy your two books soon. Link here to book choices. You need the YA novel soon.
  • Here is the helpful link from Sarah Pape about writing the teacher stories: LINK.
    • How about we make these blogs due this weekend, by Sunday, Feb 10. Share with me in a Google Doc.
    • NOTE: My email is slightly different for Google: kjaxon@mail.csuchico.edu
    • I have no doubt we will revise these probably more than once, so no worries about length, etc. Share what ya got and we’ll start the feedback rounds.
  • Read Brown, “I’ll Have Mine Annotated, Please” for Thursday
  • Bring project/paper you’ve written for an English class in digital form (email to yourself or have in Google Drive). Check the Portfolio Guidelines (link HERE), especially the section on “prior work”. REALLY REALLY: read the portfolio guidelines and choose the paper based on the review of those guidelines. You’ll be able to ask Dr. Kittle better questions if you’ve looked things over first. YOU NEED TO HAVE A PAPER with you to do the work he’ll be inviting you to do.

 We’re back in 306A (BRING BOOK BOX BACK if you have one).

Note about G+: some of you may have received the email from Google about G+ communities being shut down. This is only true for the consumer side, not Google Suite (Google apps for education is what we have on campus: Google actually powers your @mail.csuchico.edu emails). WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU is that you need to make sure you joined our G+ community using your Chico State log in. Log in to your Chico State portal and then click the link to our G+ and you’ll be good. I can answer any questions in class; we have until late March to figure it out. And, it is always good practice to write your responses in something like Google Docs or your preferred composing platform and paste into G+ (or Blackboard or whatever thing you are being asked to post in): I always have my own copy of the things I write.

Be nice to Dr. Kittle. We need him. And please feel free to email me with questions anytime!

Reminders & Updates: Week 1 & 2

Reminders & Updates: Week 1 & 2

Hi nice people,

Here are some friendly reminders and things for this week (most of this is also on the calendar, which you can find from the front of our website):

  • BOOKS: Make sure you let me know your book preferences asap (by tomorrow would be great). I’d like to be able to let everyone know so we can get books ordered. Link again here to form.
  • INTRODUCTIONS: Join our G+ group and write an introduction. Was hoping by today (Sunday), but I can live with tomorrow. Thanks Andrew and Alondra for getting us started. Instructions for joining our G+ and how-to turn off notifications on the assignments tab under “Reading & Discussions” (link here). And truly, you should read the course website to get yourself grounded for our class this semester: look over syllabus, assignments, calendar. Really.
  • INTERVIEW PLANS: Here is the link to our questions for next Thursday. To prepare for Thursday’s meeting with teachers, if it were me, I would do these things:
    • I’d copy and paste some of the questions into my own document and bring with me. I’d even order the questions in a way that makes sense to me and the things I want to ask.
    • I’d play with recording audio on a tablet, laptop, or phone to make sure I know how when I get to class next Thursday. OR, I would email Kim to ask her to bring a laptop or tablet for me to use.
    • I’ll send out a couple other reminders before class Thursday. We have about 20 minutes before teachers arrive to get situated too.
  • Book in a Box: Sabrina, Andrew and Lydia: you might check out the assignment for the Book in a Box project on the Assignments page too. You’ll leave some sort of artifact inside the Love That Dog book and a note in the journal for the next reader. Such excite.

And your first Pro-Tip: it’s time to join the community of English educators if you have not already. Some places to start depending on your social media platform of choice:

  • National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Instagram. LINK HERE They often share book ideas or lesson plan ideas.
  • Bookmark the NCTE website: Link
  • NCTE on twitter: LINK @ncte
  • National Writing Project on Twitter: LINK @writingproject
  • LINK  
  • More next week or see who I follow on Twitter: @drjaxon

Thanks everyone! Let me know if you have any questions. To do asap: 1) let me know book choices and 2) join G+ to write your introduction.

Welcome to English 534: Spring 2019

Welcome to English 534: Spring 2019

Hello nice people!

I am so beyond excited to work with you this semester in 534! Congratulations in being so close to finishing the BA in English Ed. As you most likely know, you should be in graduating senior status (you should be graduating this semester or Fall 2019) and you should have taken or currently be enrolled in ENGL 335, ENGL 375, and ENGL 441. If these things are not true, email me and Dr. Kittle asap. We’ll sort things out. 

Before Thursday’s class, please take a look at all the things: syllabus, assignments, etc. We’ll choose books on the first day and then you’ll have some time to get books ordered, so no worries. You have some choice in your book selections and it would be great if you click around the links and do some research on the books before our first class; this will help with more informed decisions. You are also welcome to just let me pick for you and #choosethedanger. 

Professor Sarah Pape is joining us around 6:30 on the first night to get us prepped for some work we’ll be doing with local teachers the following week. I’ll explain. 😉

Feel free to email me with questions. I look forward to meeting new to me people and seeing others again!

Kim (Dr. Jaxon)