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G+ Community

We will share some of our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links here.




  • Projects (Unit Plan & Portfolio): 40% of grade
  • Presentations (YA Novel and Professional Book): 20% of grade
  • Doing Things Together (Reading, Writing, Annotating): 40% of grade


Reading & Discussions (5@10 point/50 points)

For five weeks between Feb 7 and March 7, before class, you’ll share insights, questions, confusions about the readings for that evening. I would try out some summary work, pull some quotes you want us to consider, and/or pose questions. You can find prompts HERE too. You’ll post these on our shared G+ community by Thursdays at 4:00pm. Link here to G+

  • Here is a video “how to” for joining if needed (from another class, but same idea): HERE.
  • Once you’ve joined, you’ll want to change your notification preferences so you don’t get an email every time one of us posts on the G+ community (it’s great to get these as the faculty, but not sure you’ll want them). Link to quick video how to for turning off notifications: HERE

Local Teacher Stories (20 points): Blogs due Feb 4

On Jan 31, local teachers who were impacted by the fire will be coming to class to meet with us. We will be interviewing them and writing about their recovery efforts to share on the Color a Classroom site. We are fortunate to also have Professor Sarah Pape joining us to prep and support our writing. Professor Pape wrote an incredible Op-Ed for the NY Times that you can see here: Link  We’ll draft and work together on these blogs and then the Color a Classroom site will release our featured stories every few days, so that we can continue to share the teacher stories and highlight the recovery efforts. I think it will be invaluable to talk to local teachers about their classrooms. HERE IS THE LINK to the interview questions and resources y’all created in class.

Book in a Box Annotation (2@15/30 points)

twice in semester; dates vary

Each week, a trio of you will take a copy home and read Love That Dog (Kim will provide you with a copy of the book). You will annotate the book and leave us some sort of artifact for the next set of readers: you could imagine a lesson plan that might stem from the book, write a review, draw a mind map, create a visual representation or drawing of some kind, share a link (on a post-it) to a YouTube video with a vlog about the book, or even create a kind of pop-up book inside. Ultimately, I would think of these artifacts as a “gift” that you leave for the next set of readers: the artifacts are a reification of the ideas.

You should also leave a message to the next reader in the journal that you’ll find in the box. You could reflect on what you made, some part of the book you like, etc.

You’ll do this twice, which means contributing an artifact for a book two times (I’ll most likely select a second book with you when we do this a second time). After 14 weeks we should have 40 artifacts, which I think will create a pretty cool, tattered, bursting at the seams, book. We will have created a new artifact, a dialogue in material form with the book. For the final class, we could think about arranging our artifacts in some intentional way…


Presentation & Activity for YA Novel (pairs/teams) (25 points): March 7

You’ll read a newer YA novel with a partner or small group and then create an activity for the class to do based on your book. We’ll negotiate the plans for this together, but the goal is to try out the creation of an activity to scaffold your unit plan work.

Presentations on Professional Book (team) (25 points): April 11, 18, or 25

You’ll read a professional book in a small group and then create an activity for the class to do based on your book. We’ll negotiate the plans for this together, but the goal is to incorporate the ideas from the professional books into the revisions of your unit plan.

Integrated Unit Plan (75 points)

Since this assignment is fairly complex, please see the following link with lots of information HERE. <–I would read these instructions early and often. 😉


Portfolio (25 points)

Synthesis Portfolio Project <– see link for more information

This semester-long project requires you to compile an online portfolio that synthesizes your work in the major, representing you as a competent practitioner of English studies. It will include your work from this class, as well as selections from prior classes that represent literature, language, and composition.

  • Along with my assessment of your portfolio for class, you may optionally submit your portfolio for assessment by a panel of English Department faculty to earn Subject Matter Competency (SMC). SMC is a state-defined requirement for anyone seeking a teaching credential in California.
    • Important: SMC evaluation is done only once per year. If you choose not to submit your portfolio, you will need to wait until the next time ENGL 534 is offered to submit a portfolio for review. If you require SMC verification between these windows of opportunity, you will be required to take and pass the CSET. As Dr. Peter Kittle, as your English Ed advisor says, “You have been warned!”