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Course calendar can be found above and HERE. But you might refer instead to our Weekly Task Support page HERE

G+ Community

We will share some of our work in a Google+ Community. We will write responses to readings, upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links here.

Weekly Task Support

Weekly Task Support

(Suggested) Weekly Tasks for English 534

aka how to survive the pandemic, graduate, get single subject clearance, and stay awesome

One idea: take the tasks listed below for each week and actually put them on a day/time in your calendar.

Overall goal: work on Unit Plan and Portfolio (website) and read professional book.

Each week I’ll add a video too in the hopes of explaining these tasks, you can always join the Zoom chats on Thursdays at 5:00 (starting April 9), and you can email me questions. You can do this.

Week of March 30-April 5

No Zoom April 2

Check List:

  1. Make sure you have professional book
  2. Share draft of Unit Plan with Kim:

Week of April 6-April 12

(optional) Zoom April 9: Kim will email link

Resource: Unit Plan Support

Check List:

  1. Start reading professional book. Use it to think through additions/revision of Unit Plan
  2. Leave a memo on your Unit Plan (in a comment or at the top) with the kind of feedback you’d like or resources you need help with from your partners and Kim.
  3. Give feedback to partner(s) Unit Plan by Sunday, April 12 in Google Docs.
    • Decide if your team is able to join Zoom chat on April 9 for feedback too. Kim will put you in a small break out room with your teams.
  4. Swap writing assignments in pairs (within your team: see teams below). This should be an assignment or activity from your Unit Plan that you want someone to try out: this should not be a new thing you have to create this week.
    • Place the assignment description in our G+ community: category called “Writing Assignments”
  5. Portfolio work:
    • Read the portfolio requirements, especially the section on “prior work.” Make notes for yourself about the components. Keep track of questions for Kim.
    • Gather projects/papers you’ve written for an English class in digital form (perhaps place in Google Drive folder), so you can start to think through how your work can address the standards.
    • Decide on the platform you want to use for your portfolio: Google Site, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Adobe Spark, something else?Choose your template and get started.
      • If you designed a website for another class, think about how to modify it.

Week of April 13-19

(optional) Zoom April 16: Kim will email link

Check List:

  1. By April 19: Try out writing assignment that your partner shared with you. Put your writing attempt AND feedback to “the teacher” as a comment in G+. Tell the teacher how things went: was the assignment clear? Did you know what to write? What kinds of support might students need who were writing this?
    • You could link to a Google Doc with your writing or simply write your response in the comment: however you do it, put your writing and the feedback as a comment to the teacher’s original post in G+
  2. Make progress on portfolio.
  3. Revise Unit Plan based on feedback.
  4. Keep reading Professional book

Week of April 20-26

(optional) Zoom April 23: Kim will email link

Check List:

  1. Professional book completed.
    • Participate in a book club chat about your book on April 23 (5:00-6:15) OR 
    • Write a book review with ideas for Unit Plan (due April 26th in G+):
      • Write a book review that also shares how the ideas will influence your teaching. Some prompts that might help:
      • Give us an overall summary of the book: who is the author(s)? what should we know about the author(s)? how is the book organized? what ideas are included? is the book successful in supporting teachers? How so or what is missing? What are your favorite take-aways from the book?
      • Then, think through how you could use the ideas to either revise your Unit Plan OR how the book helps you to think through a teaching career. In other words, what use can you make of this professional book? Would you recommend it to us?
      • Expect this to be 1-2 pages (you can compose in Google and link to the doc in G+ or compose in Word and paste to G+ or simply write review in a G+ post)
    • Think about how to incorporate professional book ideas into your Unit Plan
  2. Portfolio progress: we’ll post updates in G+ by April 26

Week of April 27-May 3

(optional) Zoom April 30: Kim will email link

Check List:

  1. Use these guiding questions to revise your Unit Plan and Portfolio
  2. Write memo in G+ that gives an update on your Portfolio work and leave any questions you still have. By May 3 in G+

Week of May 4 (be with you)-May 10

(optional) Zoom May 7: Kim will email link

Check List:

  1. Full DRAFT of the Portfolio (website) with Unit Plan on the website ready to go for peer feedback and scoring by THURSDAY, May 7. We’ll score that night preferably during our Zoom chat (or by Sunday, May 10, if Zoom doesn’t work for you)
  2. Submit website link for outside reviewers: link to Google Form coming soon

Final version of portfolio with unit plan due: Thursday, May 14th, by 5:00pm (No need to share new link. Should be the same link you shared last week)


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