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Reading together

Perusall logoWe’ll use Perusall to annotate and read together. You can find Perusall in the left-hand navigation in Canvas.

Designing Together

I look forward to designing educational spaces and activities together.

Weekly Plans & Calendar

Weekly Plans & Calendar

Weekly Plans for English 534

aka how to survive the pandemic, graduate, get single subject clearance, and stay awesome

Major assignment due dates can be found on our calendar <–link here

We may decide together to adjust due dates, depending on your plans (and best laid plans…). I’ll use this page to organize our in class work (prompts, links to shared resources, slides, etc)

Wednesday, April 26

Our last two weeks: work plan

Reflective Questions for Unit Plan Revisions

Remember Our Resources Page

Thank you to Chico High Teachers

Link to their Great Gatsby Project options

Wednesday, March 29

Please share the components of your Writing Assignment with me by uploading to this shared Google Folder (link here):

book cover decorative

Let’s try some file naming conventions too…perhaps LastName_MyStudentResponse and LastName_commentstopartner, LastName_ReflectionAssignmentDesign

  • your student response to the assignment
  • your comments/feedback to the partner
  • a reflection on how this process went for you (you can add this to your comments if that is helpful): what went well with your assignment design, what surprised you in the student response, what might you change or add or support differently next time?

Mirra & Garcia Reading: take up the premise in the Principle offered by the educators. Share with us the focus of the principle and your conversation

  • Principle 1:
  • Principle 2:
  • Principle 3:

Baker-Bell for Monday

Monday, March 27

Write a memo for your teacher:

  • what specific feedback are you hoping for on your draft?
  • what went well as you were working on the assignment?
  • what challenges or confusion did you run into as you were working on the draft?
  • what changes or additions might you suggest to the assignment design?

Giving and receiving feedback: takeaways from Sommers and from your experiences as writers? How do you plan to approach the feedback for your assignment?

ChatGPT and DALL-E responses

Jody Shipka’s “A Multimodal Task-Based Framework for Composing” (287)

For Wednesday:

  1. Come with feedback for the writer. We’ll reflect on the process too.
  2. Read Mirra & Garcia for Wednesday: let’s divide up the principles they discuss…
  • Principle 1: Sel, Julian, Paige
  • Principle 2: Jonah, Harrison, Johana, Syd
  • Principle 3: Nolan, Sara, Alayna, Aubree

Monday, March 20

For consideration:

book cover decorativePrep for writing assignment:

  • What are our take-aways related to writing assignment design from the resources? What are some memorable assignments from your English career? What were the elements? What did you learn?
  • What possibilities can we imagine for working with The Best We Could Do? What would you want students to do with the book?

For Wednesday (3/22):

Come with a google doc or google slide deck that addresses the components of the assignment: purpose, preparation, genre, and evaluation (see questions in the assignment description). You should also write out the assignment like you would give to students: in other words, create a “student view” version of the assignment. (Note: if you use a prompt, lesson plan, or assignment from another source, be sure to give attribution, but also be able to explain the rationale for the assignment…why you’re using it, what you hope students will learn, how you’re adapting it possibly)

In pairs/trio, you will introduce the assignment to a partner (your student). Be prepared to introduce the assignment as you would in class to your partner: Plan for 20 min lesson to introduce assignment. For example, is there a portion of the assignment that the student could start with your support?



Monday, Jan 30

Check in: grades, announcements

Prep for Book in a Box (check calendar for assigned weeks)

Why Read/How to Support Reading Practices

YA Book Team: discussion

Readings jobs

Wednesday, Feb 1

Silent reading: 15 minutes

Book Teams: Initial ideas on what students could do with the YA novel you’re reading. Our reading today, “I’ll Have Mine Annotated…” as an example

Look at Unit Plan together: Support for reading resource

Brainstorm questions for Chico High teachers


  • Chico High site
    • About Us–> SARC will give you insights into their School Accountability Report Card

decorative Week 1:

Wednesday, Jan 25

Bring the end forward. Design a reflection/curation assignment together: as an English major, what have you learned? What have you learned to do?

Resources for reflecting on what you’ve learned and what you’ve learned to do as an English major

  • Program Standards (let’s annotate together)
  • Your DPR
  • Memorable assignments
  • Other college experiences and jobs?
  • Mike Wesch’s Anthro 101 site as example of 10 lessons/10 challenges. What is the equivalent for English Education?

Today: let’s annotate the Program Standards. Which courses supported the standards? Which ones do you feel confident in? Which ones are still a puzzle?

Brainstorm our own 10 lessons/challenges

Ongoing this semester: Start to imagine an assignment that would make public what you’ve learned as an English major. Should we hold a panel discussion, a gallery walk, make a short film, write reflections, create portfolios?

Monday, Jan 23

Introductions: add to our shared slide deck. 

Getting Situated: Perusall, our course site, YA novel choices 

Put April 5th, 7:30pm, on your calendar to attend Thi Bui’s talk