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Reading together

Perusall logoWe’ll use Perusall to annotate and read together. Link here to Perusall.

Designing Together

I look forward to designing educational spaces and activities together.

Weekly Plans & Calendar

Weekly Plans & Calendar

Weekly Plans for English 534

aka how to survive the pandemic, graduate, get single subject clearance, and stay awesome

Major assignment due dates can be found on our calendar <–link here

We may decide together to adjust due dates, depending on your plans (and best laid plans…). I’ll use this page to organize our in class work (prompts, links to shared resources, slides, etc)

Week 1:

Wednesday, Jan 25

Bring the end forward. Design a reflection/curation assignment together: as an English major, what have you learned? What have you learned to do?

Resources for reflecting on what you’ve learned and what you’ve learned to do as an English major

  • Program Standards (let’s annotate together)
  • Your DPR
  • Memorable assignments
  • Other college experiences and jobs?
  • Mike Wesch’s Anthro 101 site as example of 10 lessons/10 challenges. What is the equivalent for English Education?

Today: let’s annotate the Program Standards. Which courses supported the standards? Which ones do you feel confident in? Which ones are still a puzzle?

Brainstorm our own 10 lessons/challenges

Ongoing this semester: Start to imagine an assignment that would make public what you’ve learned as an English major. Should we hold a panel discussion, a gallery walk, make a short film, write reflections, create portfolios?

Monday, Jan 23

Introductions: add to our shared slide deck. 

Getting Situated: Perusall, our course site, YA novel choices 

Put April 5th, 7:30pm, on your calendar to attend Thi Bui’s talk