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Each week, 1-2 people will curate the ideas and writing from our class into a featured blog. We will use these blogs to connect with colleagues outside our course.


RT @sarah_pape Many thanks to @talmonsmith for bringing this piece to the light. Telling the story of my home is an honor & privilege & just one among many efforts to heal our community in the face of the collective trauma. twitter.com/nytopini…

Reminders for Week 3

Reminders for Week 3

Friendly reminder that you have a paper/text due Wednesday (2/8): a write-up of your pilot literacy day. I would expect to see the various reading and writing practices you used throughout the day, some ideas about the purpose of those reading and writing practices, and maybe even some insights using readings or conversations we’ve had in class. What can you say about the function of your literacies? What do they do for you? What value is placed on them? How might the authors we’ve read talk about your literacies?

You can write this as a narrative, you can create a visual representation (perhaps an infographic), a short film with voice over, other ideas? Share the link with me before Wednesday’s class. If you’re writing a paper, my preferred sharing format would be in Google Docs. For sharing Google Docs, please use kjaxon@mail.csuchico.edu (just like student email).

We’re also reading Deborah Brandt’s “Sponsors of Literacy” for Wednesday. The link to the reading is on the calendar. I’ve set the viewing for “anyone with a Chico State address…” so you may need to log in to your portal. I might click on the link soon, so you make sure you can see it. Wednesdays are really busy for me and I fear I’ll hold up your reading if you wait to request access then.

Here is the link to the google doc to share our notes/passages/questions.

See you Wednesday!


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