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BGD-Inspired Poems & Such

Part (A): For my poetry book, I chose to read Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson. The reason why I chose to read this book over my original choice was because I was itching to read more books by Woodson after finishing After Tupac and D. Foster. Initially, I assumed that the book would be

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Tara Morgan – Sick Cinderella Rhymes

She doesn’t mind the northern weather; There, there aren’t any fish or feathers. But there are, of course, family plots against her. By no cupid’s bow was dear dad bit, With no stones was the Cinderwench hit, And I can’t seem to write a good riddle for shit.

Tara Morgan – Introdution

Hello, my name is Tara Morgan, and I was born and raised here in Chico. Once upon a time, my parents came here to receive their degrees and never left, and when it came time for me to decide where I wanted to study, I stayed as well. I’m currently undergoing my third year here at

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