Weekly Video Updates

Make Cycles

Our course is organized by two week “make cycles,” a term I borrow from Connected Learning. We will read, discuss, and write based on the mentor texts we’re reading. You can find the weekly tasks for each cycle in the drop down menu above.

Google+ Community

We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and “makes” here. Peter Kittle’s class will be joining us too.

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Weeks 5 & 6 Update

Weeks 5 & 6 Update

Howdy everyone,

Yay storytelling! Nice work people! Make sure you included a description of your process and why you made certain choices in your text in your post. I look forward to reading them all on Monday. The ones I have looked at are awesome. Writing stories is hard!

Make Cycle 3: Engaging Expositions is now up on our site. You can find the link here and from the “Make Cycles” drop down menu. (Make Cycle 1 has now been archived to the Make Cycle page).

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re reading chapters 2 & 3 and appendix C & D for next week. Then, moving to expository writing mentor texts and makes.

Featured blogs should be up by Tuesday highlighting your stories!

Thanks everyone for your efforts!


Week 4 Update

Week 4 Update

Oh my gosh: I loved loved loved reading your insights into the About the Authors chapter and the 1st grader’s writing! Sounds like you are enjoying the book as much as I do and your responses were so good! Seriously. So good.  Grade update was sent today (Monday, 9/11).

One thing that was interesting if you read through all of your posts is how many of you noticed spelling on first glance at Josh’s Mammoth story. Some of you talked about the impulse to correct all the spelling and how you realized that may not be the most helpful approach. I really appreciate how much you are all puzzling over that challenges of writing with little kids and noticing the interesting thinking they are doing. Josh is doing such interesting work with spelling and clearly is starting to understand that words are made up of patterns. You might find this article helpful for thinking about spelling specifically: we really do gain understanding over time. If the first thing a child sees on her writing is lots of corrections and red pen marks, she’ll stop writing so much. It’s all about picking the things to correct and knowing that over time you’ll see growth. But they must be writing for you to see growth, so the amount is important. It’s also about knowing which things to address in a mini-lesson with the whole class and which things to address with an individual student.

I decided I didn’t need a new video this week since I talked in last week’s video about the two week Make 2 Cycle.

Up next: you’re reading mentor texts this week (The Dot, Alexander…, and Harris Burdick/”Moving Vines”) and thinking about their structures you might borrow for your stories. And writing stories! I gave some ideas in last week’s video.

Our featured curators for this cycle are Tamara, Elizabeth, Grace, Sophie, and Jake. They’ll be reading through our work and highlighting our cool ideas and stories (I sent you five an email yesterday with some info). If you have not yet read the featured blogs from last week, you should. Many of you were highlighted! Thanks again to Alice, Jessica, Rafael, Caleb, and Bailey!

Thanks everyone. This is a great group of humans in this class. Appreciate your work.

Week 3 Update

Week 3 Update

Here is your weekly Friday update heading in to week 3 and Make Cycle 2! Thank you so much for the work you’ve done so far. Really enjoying reading your poems and seeing your Little Bird Tales! Please remember that your make is due tonight (Sept 1) for Make Cycle 1. And say something nice to another person! Peter Kittle’s class is sharing their makes too, so the Make Cycle 1 category on G+ is hopping.

I sent a link to your email yesterday asking you to please let me know if you have the About the Authors book. You have some work with the book this upcoming week.**Honestly, it’s freaking me out a bit that only half of you have clicked on this link. If you’re taking on an online class, you should really be checking email every day.

We are moving into two weeks of thinking about storytelling: why we tell stories, how we generate ideas for stories, and how we might write our own stories. You’ll see the Make Cycle 2 Page has been added in the drop down menu under Make Cycles.

Finally, I’ve archived the videos and the instructions for Make Cycle 1.

Hope you’re staying out of this heat and smoke for the labor day weekend! And thank you again for the incredibly thoughtful work you’re doing.

Weeks 1 & 2 Updates

Weeks 1 & 2 Updates

Here is the email I sent today with the weekly video included below:

Thank you so much for the fabulous introductions and for responding to your peers! Really enjoying getting to know you all through our G+ community.

Each Friday I will send a weekly email update: I’ll give you a checklist for what should be done and what is coming up the next week. I also will add a new video each Friday to the front of our course website (a new one is there now). PLEASE WATCH the weekly videos as they offer additional, clarifying information. For example, the end of this week’s video talks about grading. I would see these videos as required texts.

By tonight, you should have:

  • Ordered your book: About the Authors by Katie Wood Ray. We’ll start reading chapters the week after next.
  • Joined our G+ Community and posted an introduction
  • Responded to the Lunsford, What Do You Do With an Idea, and McWhorter readings. (under Make Cycle 1: Discussion Posts in G+)–by tonight.
  • Responded to a peer’s post (Inro and the one due tonight).
Next week:
  • By Tuesday (Aug 29) share some insights from our mentor texts (Chrysanthemum, and two poems by Jacqueline Woodson). What lines are your favorites? How might you use ideas or structures from these texts? (G+ Community: Week One Discussion). Prompt in the Make Cycle 1 Instructions
  • By Friday (Sept 1), create a “make”: a poem or a Little Bird Tale about you. Watch the video from me this week for some suggestions. Post in G+ Community under Make Cycle One: Our Makes. Again, more info in the Make Cycle 1 Instructions
You’re doing really smart work! Thank you!

Welcome to English 333: Advanced Comp for Future Teachers Online!

Welcome to English 333: Advanced Comp for Future Teachers Online!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to write and work together this semester! Please check out our site and the various pages. I’ve created a welcome video that I hope offers some insights into our course and how we’ll work together (see above). I will update the weekly video each week on the main page.

One book to buy for our class: About the Authors: Writing Workshop with Our Youngest Writers by Katie Wood Ray and Lisa Cleaveland.

You should also check out:

  • The Syllabus page
  • The Make Cycles page, which also has drop down menus outlining the tasks for various weeks. I’ll update those “Make Cycles” every two weeks from that Make Cycles drop down menu. You have some tasks to complete for weeks one and two, which you can find on that drop down menu. Look for Make Cycle 1.

Please notice that our first Intro post has two parts. And again, you can find the prompts and instructions under the Make Cycle 1 page.

By Wednesday night (Aug 23): post an introduction to our group. This intro has two parts: 1) your introduction to us and 2) some thoughts about your literacies. Some things you could tell us:

  • Who are you and why are you here?
  • How did you end up at Chico State? What are your goals this semester and beyond?
  • What are your interests?
  • What are you curious about?
  • ALSO: at the end of your introduction, start to think about your own literacies: what do you read and write? What purpose does writing serve in your life? What counts as writing? What about lists, social media, texting, emails, amazon reviews? In what ways do you use writing in your day to day life? How does this writing connect to writing you do for school?
  • Once you’ve shared your post, respond to a peer, make connections to another human.

Post in our G+ Community. Look for the category called “Make Cycle One: Introductions” on the left hand side of our G+ page. Hoping you’ll share an image or even a video! Again, and always: Once you’ve shared your post, respond to a peer, make connections to another human.

Let me know if you have questions and I look forward to seeing you online!