Google+ Community

We will our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and “makes” here.



Our course will be structured around a series of Make Cycles that will help us understand our own uses of narration, exposition, and argumentation, and become more metacognitive about our own writing processes. With each Make Cycle we will read and talk about ideas related to writing and teaching writing, and then make text-rich projects in a number of forms and genres, for a variety of purposes and audiences. Since this is a winter session course, we’ll move pretty quickly with a new Make Cycle about every 3 days. 

Course Assignments: brief descriptions below. I will provide more instructions and explanation in the Make Cycle instructions. You can find the Make Cycle information by clicking on the drop down menu under Make Cycles at the top of our course site. I’ll post a new Make Cycle every 2-3 days with longer explanations for the assignments listed below.

Discussions (13@15 points: 195 points total)

Most days, I will pose a couple of prompts connected to the reading we are doing. You’ll write a response and share the response in our Google+ Community. Note: I will have a subheading on the left hand side of our Google+ space to help keep our posts organized. Please post under those categories (i.e. Week One: Introduction). You’ll also respond to your peer’s posts each time we post. Post yours and respond to a peer’s ideas each time. 

Link to G+ Community 

  • Here is how to join that G+ community, which is where we will share almost all of our work this winter session:
  • You’ll want to be logged into the Portal/Google Drive before clicking on the link to join our community. How To video (from another class I teach, but same process) HERE.
  • Once you are logged in, then Join our G+ Community<–LINK

Discussion Posts due dates (on calendar too):

  • Make 1:
    • Jan 2: Intro & Literacies
    • Jan 2: Yamada, Lunsford, McWhorter
    • Jan 3: About the Authors, Chapter 1
    • Jan 3: Mentor texts (Chrysanthemum, Woodson)
    • Jan 5: Barnett TED talk & Lists
  • Make 2:
    • Jan 6: About the Authors, Chapter 2
    • Jan 7: About the Authors, Chapter 3
    • Jan 8: Mentor texts (Dragonfly, infographics)
  • Make 3:
    • Jan 9: About the Authors, Chapters 4 & 5
    • Jan 10: Mentor texts (I Wanna New Room, etc)
  • Make 4:
    • Jan 13: About the Authors, Chapters 6 & 7
    • Jan 13: Common Core discussion
  • Revise & Reflect:
    • Jan 16: About the Authors, Chapter 8

Make Cycle Projects (3@25 points; 75 points total; 1@30 points: 105 total)

Each Make Cycle will offer you at least two choices to make a writing-based project. There will be two parts to every project:

  • The “make” itself (be it a story, a poem, an infographic, a nonfiction report, etc.), which will incorporate at least one writing craft move drawn from a mentor text.
  • A brief reflection on the make, explaining what you were trying to do with the make and the techniques and processes you used in creating it.

Share in our G+ Community: look for the category heading on the left hand side of our G+ page. We’ll also use mentor texts as a way to support our makes and write about these mentor texts before our “makes” are due.

Points breakdown: a) 15 points for the make itself; and b) 10 points for reflection and process explanation. 25 points total.

Due dates:

  • Jan 5: Make 1 (storytelling)
  • Jan 8: Make 2 (engaging expositions)
  • Jan 10: Make 3 (compelling arguments)
  • Jan 14 & 15: Make 4 (writing assignments)

Manifesto on Teaching Writing (25 points; due Jan 17)

This is the culminating assignment for the class. You will write a manifesto that describes your beliefs about the teaching of writing, and articulates your intentions as a future teacher to implement those beliefs. In it, you will also use one revised, remixed, or otherwise refined projects from the class’s Make Cycles to exemplify your ideas about writing and writing pedagogy.

Here are examples from a previous semester that may be helpful:

Grace’s reflection & manifesto

Kaia’s reflection & manifesto

Rafael’s reflection & manifesto

Total Points: 225

(Grade: 95-100%=A, 90-94%=A-, 85-89%=B+, 80-84%=B, etc)