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Google+ Community

We will our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and “makes” here.

Make Cycles

Make Cycles

I’ve organized this class around a series of “make cycles,” which will allow us to focus on an aspect of writing and the teaching of writing in two week cycles.

  1. Make Cycle 1: Assumptions & Stances
  2. Make Cycle 2: Purposeful Storytelling
  3. Make Cycle 3: Engaging Expositions
  4. Make Cycle 4: Compelling Arguments
  5. Make Cycle 5: Multimodal Composing
  6. Make Cycle 6: Creating Effective Writing Assignments
  7. Make Cycle 7: Revise & Remix

I will add the new make cycle usually on Friday evenings at the end of a cycle, so you can expect to see Make Cycle 2 posted on Friday, Sept 6 and then a new cycle shared every other Friday after that. They will appear in the drop down menu at the top of our course site under Make Cycles.

As I add new weeks to the drop down menu, I will archive the previous weeks’ cycles on this page.