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Author: kjaxon

Make 7 (your final Make!) is ready to go

Make 7 (your final Make!) is ready to go

Hello nice people of English 333,

Before you head off for break, here are a couple reminders and updates:

  • Due tonight (or by tomorrow is fine too): feedback to your partner (tell them nice things about the writing they completed for your activity) and a reflection on how the activity went: anything you would change? Post under your activity plan in Currents.
  • As I mentioned in a previous email: please complete your student evaluations for your faculty. This closes today. Appreciate your time!
  • Make 7 is live! This make takes us through the end of the semester. I have a feeling some of you will complete things over break and then your work in our class will be done. 😉 This Make finishes out our book, asks you to revise one of your earlier Makes, and ends with a Reflection & Manifesto that you’ll share with me in a Google Doc. I have loved reading your work this semester; thank you!

Hang in there and I hope you have a chance to breathe this week. Take care everyone.

Make Cycle 6: partners!

Make Cycle 6: partners!

Make Cycle 6 is ready to take us through Thanksgiving Break. I’m very excited to see what you create for this cycle since you’ll design your own writing activity for a partner to try out. You can find your partner on the Make Cycle 6 page (scroll down on the page). You should watch the intro video too for this Make cycle; it might answer any questions you have.

Feel free to reach out with questions too, of course.

Make sure you Vote on Nov 3!

Make Cycle 4 is live

Make Cycle 4 is live

Howdy everyone,

Make Cycle 4, which focuses on argumentative writing, is ready to be populated with your cool ideas. Link in the Make Cycle drop down menu. You’ll notice that you have a week this time for the first response: a couple of chapters from our book, but only one (longer) response. Hoping this gives you just a moment to breathe in our course pacing. You’re doing such beautiful work; thank you!

And in case you’re in need of something joyful, I recommend Mac Barnett’s TED talk, “Why a Good Book is a Secret Door,” about the power of stories with kids. Make sure you watch til the end where he shares the story of Niko and his pet whale. You’ll also want to check out his books if you haven’t already.

Make Cycle 3 is live

Make Cycle 3 is live

Hi everyone!

You have been doing such fabulous work and I’m feeling behind! I’ve had such a hectic week, but I’ve been gathering golden lines from your work and I have so many! I’ll share them on Monday after I get myself organized this weekend. Reading your work has been such a pleasure; thank you for all the kind words you have for each other too. As you know, Make 2 (stories) are due Sunday. Already some great ones in our Currents community! WoOt!

I just released Make Cycle 3: Expository Writing. Link here and in the Drop down menu above. I think we can make informational texts playful and interesting. You’ll also be reading chapters 2 and 3 from About the Authors; you did such great work reflecting on chapter 1. I really do love reading the writing of young kids in this book (and big kids too actually: I guess I chose the right job).

Hope that wherever you are in the state that you are safe. We got a bit of a break in the air today, so my windows are open for the first time in weeks. Open windows are feeding my soul. I never thought I’d long for a regular pandemic day instead of a wildfire-pandemic day. Again, thinking about you all and hope you and yours are safe and healthy.

Take care