Support Materials & Next Steps

Here’s the link to create a WordPress blog: 

Here’s a great FAQ on Connected Learning (you should read this).

Here’s a link to my main site with a bunch of digital resources you could poke around in.

A book some of you might like by Henry Jenkins about literature and participatory culture

I would also look through the readings on this course site (Readings tab) AND in the Connected Courses weekly lists

If you’ve never seen Mike Wesch’s Anthropological Introduction to YouTube, I would watch it this week as well. Lots of issues related to digital culture in his talk/video.

Next steps:

Write a few paragraphs about your interests in relation to this course. What questions do you have? Try to make a reading plan for the next few weeks for yourself…what paths might you follow? Or if you’re ready, what’s your calendar/plan for the semester? What help do you need from me and each other? This will be the “artifact” you bring for next week.

Thanks again Nathan for the concept map from The Internet’s Own Boy!




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