This “Makes” section is a repository for different projects that we have worked on that showcase the affordances of digital platforms. These makes will continue to develop over time as the theories surrounding each field advances. While each “make” engages in different aspects of education, they afford the viewers the opportunity to expand their conceptual horizons of the varying theories within pedagogy.


Catherine Gill

This blog was created in a desire to explore the world of Cognitive Narratology. To look at the concepts of Cognitive Narratology and its influences in spaces like digital platforms and literature. To use the concepts to investigate how and why people interact with language, writing, and story the way that they do. There are some blog posts that discusses books and concepts while others consider how certain platforms are working with in the ideas of these concepts.


Nathan Sandoval


These proposals outline a new structure of purchasing and utilizing eBooks within universities. The proposals address four different audiences: Students, Faculty, Bookstore, and Library. The cooperation of each audience is essential for a successful implementation of the new proposed structure.


Student : Faculty : Bookstore : Library



Amanda Haydon

In this webinar, Amanda talks with fellow gamers about Gaming and Education.

Questions include:

1. Give us a brief overview of how gaming became influential in your life.

2. How do you believe gaming would have benefited/challenged your educational experience?

3. Relating to your own experiences, how do you feel gaming (especially MMO/MMORPG platforms) develop community and collaboration? How could this benefit a classroom experience?

4. How would you compare an online social interaction to a face-to-face social interaction?

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