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Reading together

Perusall logoWe’ll use Perusall to annotate and read together. Link here to Perusall.

Instructions for joining Perusall on the Getting Started page.

Designing Together

I look forward to designing educational spaces and activities together.

You can read about course design in a piece I wrote for Connected Learning here.

Weeks 9 & 10

Weeks 9 & 10

Welcome back from spring break. Many of you are in the home stretch of your bachelor’s degree! You got this.

Week 9: March 22 & 24

video explanation of the plans below.

Monday, March 22: asynchronous work

Your writing assignment is due back to “the teacher” (your partner) today. Remember: you are sharing this as a comment under your partner’s Currents post. Place the link to a google doc (please please please make share settings “anyone with the link can comment“) or copy & paste your writing in the comment area under your partner’s original assignment post. We can then see the assignment and the response to the assignment.

Then, for our asynchronous work tonight: read and comment on “Responding to Student Writing” by Nancy Sommers in Perusall. We’ll use this reading to think about how to give feedback on your “student’s draft.”

By Wednesday, March 24 (before class):

Give feedback to the writing from your partner. Think about the intention of the feedback: is the feedback in the service of revision? Are you giving feedback in support of a particular writing practice (like character analysis or incorporating quotes)? Are you scoring the writing with a rubric? How might the Nancy Sommers article inform how you give feedback to the writer?

In class: we’ll write reflections on how this process went for you and think about revising your assignment descriptions. We’ll also think about your writing assignment sequence.

Week 10: March 29 & 31

We’ll continue to work on writing tasks and assignments, including your rationale for your writing tasks as part of your Unit Plan.