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Week of March 30…some plans

Week of March 30…some plans

Hello everyone!

This is the week where you will choose your own adventure by following one of these options (read through them to see what the prompts look like each week and then pick a track you’ll work with for the rest of the semester):

Track 1: How I Survived the Pandemic


Track 2: Open Inquiry

No matter which track you choose, your first response is due Sunday, April 5. But really, the advantage of us working on our own time is that you could get the prompt for this week done anytime (even right now). Make sure you try to spread out the work in your classes and maybe make your own, new routine. You could get English 130 things done on Tuesday, for example, and have the rest of the week to focus on other classes.

We’ll post responses in G+ and give feedback to each other too.

Thanks to Puneet, Juan, Marc, and Jessica who already got us started with responses in G+ for this week. They look great. And thanks Marc for getting us started with peer feedback too!

Here’s a video update too:

Hope y’all are hanging in there!

Welcome Back to Our New Normal

Welcome Back to Our New Normal

Hello nice people!

I really miss seeing you already. I look forward to reconnecting!

I’ve redesigned the course for the second half of the semester. You can find new links on the calendar and our site. In a nutshell, you will choose your own adventure by following one of these options:

Please read through those options carefully and think about which one you want to do. You have this week to get situated: our first response is due Sunday, April 5. We’ll do most of our work going forward in G+. You’ll have the whole week to do our responses each week. And optionally, we’ll use Zoom to check in and say hello.

IMPORTANT: I want to offer an optional drop-in meeting this Thursday, March 26, at 3:30 via Zoom. Can you fill out this Google Form and let me know if that will work for you? Should take less than 30 seconds to fill this out: LINK HERE. 

You can download the Zoom app to your device to get started. With a link I will send via email on Thursday, and the app downloaded, I can help as we get used to this platform. No worries. This might be a safe place to try this out since some of your other classes may use it. We will use it optionally on Tuesdays starting April 7 (March 31 is a holiday).

In a nutshell:

  • Fill out the form. Should take just a minute to do
  • Look over the Track 1 and Track 2 options (see above)
  • Email me if you need anything or have questions.

Take care; wash your hands; just do the next right thing.

In case you missed the video from Saturday, here ya go again:



Quick hello. Thinking about y’all and hope you are safe and healthy. Email and other information to follow soon (by Tuesday, March 24). Look forward to checking in with everyone again this week.

Week 4: paper starts

Week 4: paper starts

Hi everyone,

Just a friendly reminder to share your new draft with me ( before class tomorrow.

If you’re stuck about what to write, you might return to “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” for inspiration. How might you incorporate quotes, poems, another language, lyrics, etc into a story about your language experience? You could talk about what it was like when you first came to Chico State or a story about your family or pick something you talked about in your last paper for our class and expand on that or other ideas? Remember, we’re using these first few papers as a way to try out some ideas (paper “starts”) about language/identity. Then, in a couple weeks, you’ll choose one of the papers you started or combine some ideas to write a more polished revision.

Thanks everyone! Happy Monday!

Week 1: reminders

Week 1: reminders

Hello nice people!

It was great getting all of us together in the same room yesterday. Really look forward to working together this semester.

Before tomorrow’s class, please remember to do these things:

  • Take the regional language quiz (for fun…will be interesting to see what the quiz tells you). Link on the calendar, but also HERE
  • Take the intro survey, which is also linked on the calendar and HERE
  • Read the short reading I handed out yesterday (“Language Ideology: science fiction?”) and bring the reading with you to class with some notes to talk from. Let me know if you lost the reading in the flurry of the first day of classes. I can point you to a link with the intro on Amazon.
  • Bring a laptop/tablet every time (check one out from the EOP office if needed)

See y’all tomorrow!