Featured Blogs! Week #11

Alright everybody, The Blogs were really good! We have a lot to do today, but we wanted to take a moment and show you that you aren’t the only one struggling, striving, and surviving. This week’s featured blogs are few, but they seem to capture us where we are right now. Enjoy and then, back to it!   Richard Mata… Read more →

Featured Blogs: Week #7

We so enjoyed your blogs this week! Big thanks to everyone who contributed! Here are a few of our favorites: Featured: Vanessa Gomez-Camarillo Karla Ortiz Frederick Williams Honorable Mentions: Richard Mata Junior Gonzalez Alberto Rosales Sergio Mendoza Coua Xiong Evelyn Jurado Read more →

Featured Blogs: Week 3!

The blogs this week were so much fun to read: thank you to everyone for the great insights into life as a college student! Here are a few of our favorites:         Miguel Hurtado-Gonzalez “What Would My First Semester of College Look Like If It Wasn’t For EOP?” Maria Corona-Pineda “California Burrito With Nacho Cheese and Bacon” Jeremiah Khem… Read more →

Featured Blogs for Week 2: #Winning

The review board had some fabulous blogs to choose from; thank you writers! Here are some of our favorites this week, focusing on a day in our lives in college: Featured: Richard Mata William Contreras Fredrick Williams Diana Alcala Reyna Honorable Mentions: Maizong Lor Autumn Contreras Maria Corona-Pineda Cierra Baines Jose Canales Wendy Perez-Urquiza Read more →

Featured Blogs: #Winning Week One

Here are some of my favorites from this week’s blogs. There were so many compelling, funny, insightful posts to choose from. Some of the sites are looking pretty dope. Thanks everyone for the thoughtful introductions this week. I wrote an intro too just to be fair. 😉 Grateful to know you all…and looking forward to our work this semester.  … Read more →

Friendly Reminders: Week Uno

Hi everyone, Thank you for a productive first week! By now, you should have these things completed: How You Doin paper shared with Kim and your mentor WordPress site up and running. Link shared with Kim First blog (a couple of paragraphs introducing yourself) on your WordPress site. Before Monday’s class, you are reading and commenting on the article “Who Gets to… Read more →

Spring 2017 is Coming Right For Us!

Welcome to English 130P: Academic Writing for spring 2017! I look forward to seeing our EOP peeps again! Summer Bridge must feel like a lifetime ago and I look forward to hearing how your fall semester went.  We’ll meet together as a large class on Mondays and Wednesdays (3:00-3:50 in ARTS 112: our new, beautiful Arts & Humanities building on… Read more →

Models for Projects

Games Stuff: Early Start EPIC Quests (game example) 7 Things You Should Know Alternate Reality Games – Informational food for thought. ARGNet: Alternate Reality Gaming Network – website with tons of ideas USC Alternate Reality based Card Game Online Stuff: Twitter Essay Posing questions and arguments through video Website: Damsels Out of Distress NPR Unfairy Tales about refugees What goes in an infographic… Read more →