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Reading Together

Perusall logoWe’ll use Perusall to annotate and read together. Link here to Perusall.


Daily Plans

Daily Plans

We’ll use this page to share resources, post class prompts, keep notes together.

Sept 19:

Let’s make a list of sites/apps we frequent

From Marisa’s comment: what platforms have you been asked to used in high school and college?

Who owns the tool? What is the name of the company, the CEO? What does the tool say it does? What does it actually do?

What data are we required to provide in order to use the tool (login, email, birthdate, etc.)? What flexibility do we have to be anonymous, or to protect our data? Where is data housed; who owns the data? What are the implications for in-class use? Will others be able to use/copy/own our work there?

Sept 14:

New teams:

Team 1: Dane, Paka, Miles, Kimberly, Neth

Team 2: Monserrath, Alexis, Dulcesofia, Janelly

Team 3: Arlene, Zulema, Sajan, Alex, Leila

Team 4: Saul, Maria, Crystal, Ramon, Diego

Team 5: Destannie, Fatima, Lucia, Janae, Jayden

Introductions, what makes a group function, group norms (shared doc)

Memo, peer feedback

Sept 7:

Workflows and writing practices

Prep for interviews

Connecting to campus

The Wrec

The Well

Instagram (Chico accounts to follow):


Aug 31:

  • Peer response day: feedback to a partner
    • Getting situated: last name in title of your google doc. Share with me and set to “anyone with link can comment”
    • two black cats looking at cameraMemo first: as comment or at the top in another color
      • In a comment on your own draft: Was writing this short paper challenging? How so? Did some of the ideas come easily? What specific feedback would you like from a reader? 
    • Feedback: 
      • Let’s talk about what makes helpful feedback? Experiences with feedback from peers and teachers?
    • Celebrate cool ideas and 2 places where the writer might go next
      • Swap drafts in Google Docs.
      • Read and give feedback. Point out some ideas that are interesting to you or that you connect with. Give the writer at least 2 things they could do next. What might be a next step if they wanted to turn this into a longer draft? Where are places where you would want to read more and have the writer expand? Might there be a place where quoting Anzaldúa be interesting to add? 
    • As you’re reading, notice great sentences/ideas to share in a document together. Link here

In a nutshell:

  1. Title paper with your last name and title
  2. Share google doc with and set share settings to “anyone can comment”
  3. Write memo at top of draft or in a comment on draft
    • reread draft and do a quick edit (find any typos? sentences that need some changes?)
  4. Swap draft with 2 peers
  5. Read peer’s memo and give feedback
  6. Find a favorite sentence from their draft and place on our shared slide deck (link above)

Aug 29: Our comments from Anzaldúa: slides

Aug 22: Day 1

Some writing:

Think about your literacies: what do you read and write? What counts as writing? What about lists, social media, texting, emails, amazon reviews? In what ways do you use writing in your day-to-day life? How does this writing connect to writing you do for school? What purpose does writing serve in your life?

Then, spend a few minutes thinking about the writing “rules” you’ve been taught or think about when you’re writing.




Some linguistic facts from Rosina Lippi-Green:

  • All spoken language changes over time
  • All spoken languages are equal in linguistic terms
  • Written language and spoken language are historically, structurally, and functionally fundamentally different creatures
  • Variation is intrinsic to all spoken language