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Course calendar can be found above and HERE. But you might refer instead to our Weekly Task Support page HERE

G+ Community

We will share some of our work in a Google+ Community. We will write responses to readings, upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links here.

Portfolio Examples and all the things…

Portfolio Examples and all the things…

Hello everyone!

Here’s the TL;DR version: full explanation below. 

  • Example portfolios/websites from last semester’s 534 below. Hope these will help you imagine your own. Click on them. 😉
  • Book reviews should be posted in G+ (if you did not come to Zoom book talk last week). They were due yesterday.
  • Optional Zoom this Thursday, April 30. I’ll just be here to answer any questions or you can work with your teams on your portfolios.
  • By Sunday, May 3: share an update on your Unit Plan and Portfolio and ask any questions in G+. You’ll use guiding questions to frame this response (see below or in G+)
  • By Thursday, May 7 at 5:00pm: share completed Portfolio for mock scoring session. Share the link anytime before then (even if site is still a work in progress) in this Google Form

Portfolio support
As promised on the Zoom book chat last week (thank you for participating!), below you will find a range of example Portfolio websites from students in 534 last semester. I hope these will provide some inspiration and models for your portfolios. Your most basic website should include:

1) an about me/teaching philosophy statement; 2) a portion or all of your unit plan; and 3) your actual subject matter portfolio.

Feel free to retool websites you’ve used for other classes and use/revise teaching statements from prior coursework as well. However, ultimately, reviewers should be able to easily find your portfolio (I would label it something like “subject matter portfolio’), so make sure that is clear.


Alondra’s link here (Weebly)
Sabrina’s link here (Weebly)
Sarah’s link here (Wix)
Hannah’s link here (Wix)
Gabby’s link here (Google Site)
Jasmine’s link here (Google Site)

Book Reviews
Also, you should have completed your book reviews (if you did not participate in our Zoom discussion last week): Rosalie, Roy, Aaron, Bri, Brenna, Jose, and Andrew have theirs posted and they are awesome. If you need an example, all of these are great models. Thank you! We are sharing these in our G+ community. You need to get them done asap if you’d like credit for the professional book project. I’m missing about nine right now…

G+ Post by Sunday
This week: use the guiding questions to review your Unit Plan and portfolio work: guiding questions LINK HERE. I’m going to ask you to share an update, ask any questions about either of these projects in G+ by Sunday. There is a new category ready to go whenever you want to get this done. I will open up our Zoom chat this Thursday (4/30) at 5:00 too in case there are questions.

Portfolios ready to go May 7
Next week: your portfolio needs to be ready to go for mock scoring session by May 7. Please be ready for feedback and scoring (people can make sure your links work and things like that). You’ll then have a week to clean things up, fix typos, etc.  I’ll have you share the link to your website in this Google Form (you can do this anytime, even before it’s ready).

Thank you nice people! Hang in there! You. Got. This.

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