Kelly Gallagher & Penny Kittle help with moving to online


Course calendar can be found above and HERE. But you might refer instead to our Weekly Task Support page HERE

G+ Community

We will share some of our work in a Google+ Community. We will write responses to readings, upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links here.

April 2: Please Read or Watch

April 2: Please Read or Watch

Hi everyone,

I’ve heard from many of you who have shared that you’re having a bit of a challenge knowing what to work on for our class. I have no doubt that taking 4-6+ online classes is incredibly challenging, especially in a pandemic. So, yes, give yourselves some grace.

I created a new page for this website that I hope will help: a weekly, suggested task list that includes some resources (and I’ll continue to add). You can ignore this, but if you’re not sure what to work on, then the task list may help get you situated. Link here and in the menu above.

I do not think we are ready to be productive on a Zoom chat tonight. I think this week was a time for people to sort out new routines. By next week, April 9, we should be able to give feedback on Unit Plans in your permanent teams: we can do this on Zoom in small break out rooms (optional always) and in written feedback in Google Docs.

*Please do me a favor: copy and paste your Unit Plan Google Doc in our G+ community so that everyone can easily find each other’s: you’ll find a new category called Unit Plan Drafts. Set the Google Doc share settings to “anyone with the link can comment.

The short view below explains a bit more. Please find 3 minutes and 37 seconds to watch it. I hope it will be helpful.

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