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G+ Community

We will share some of our work in a Google+ Community. We will write responses to readings, upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links here.

Month: February 2020

Week 5 stuff & things

Week 5 stuff & things

Hello everyone,

Quick reminders and FYIs:

  • G+ post due tonight for two readings. Prompts here
  • Bring YA novel to class tomorrow and sit with book club team (you can find your book clubs on the Assignments page). You should be at least half way through your book so you can participate in a conversation.
    • NOTE: we have a series of activities with the YA novels: reading and discussing together, planning for a workshop, and leading the workshop. You’ll need to be in class for these activities for full credit on this assignment. First rule of book club: you have to come to book club. With your book. And read it. 😉
  • Bring boxes back.
  • We’ll start class tomorrow by trying out each other’s activities y’all created with the picture books last week. We’ll take a moment to regroup before swapping activities with another group.

Thanks everyone! See y’all tomorrow