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We will share some of our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links here.

Welcome to English 534: Spring 2019

Welcome to English 534: Spring 2019

Hello nice people!

I am so beyond excited to work with you this semester in 534! Congratulations in being so close to finishing the BA in English Ed. As you most likely know, you should be in graduating senior status (you should be graduating this semester or Fall 2019) and you should have taken or currently be enrolled in ENGL 335, ENGL 375, and ENGL 441. If these things are not true, email me and Dr. Kittle asap. We’ll sort things out. 

Before Thursday’s class, please take a look at all the things: syllabus, assignments, etc. We’ll choose books on the first day and then you’ll have some time to get books ordered, so no worries. You have some choice in your book selections and it would be great if you click around the links and do some research on the books before our first class; this will help with more informed decisions. You are also welcome to just let me pick for you and #choosethedanger. 

Professor Sarah Pape is joining us around 6:30 on the first night to get us prepped for some work we’ll be doing with local teachers the following week. I’ll explain. 😉

Feel free to email me with questions. I look forward to meeting new to me people and seeing others again!

Kim (Dr. Jaxon)



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