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Week of March 30…some plans

Week of March 30…some plans

Hello everyone!

This is the week where you will choose your own adventure by following one of these options (read through them to see what the prompts look like each week and then pick a track you’ll work with for the rest of the semester):

Track 1: How I Survived the Pandemic


Track 2: Open Inquiry

No matter which track you choose, your first response is due Sunday, April 5. But really, the advantage of us working on our own time is that you could get the prompt for this week done anytime (even right now). Make sure you try to spread out the work in your classes and maybe make your own, new routine. You could get English 130 things done on Tuesday, for example, and have the rest of the week to focus on other classes.

We’ll post responses in G+ and give feedback to each other too.

Thanks to Puneet, Juan, Marc, and Jessica who already got us started with responses in G+ for this week. They look great. And thanks Marc for getting us started with peer feedback too!

Here’s a video update too:

Hope y’all are hanging in there!

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