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G+ Community

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Welcome Back to Our New Normal

Welcome Back to Our New Normal

Hello nice people!

I really miss seeing you already. I look forward to reconnecting!

I’ve redesigned the course for the second half of the semester. You can find new links on the calendar and our site. In a nutshell, you will choose your own adventure by following one of these options:

Please read through those options carefully and think about which one you want to do. You have this week to get situated: our first response is due Sunday, April 5. We’ll do most of our work going forward in G+. You’ll have the whole week to do our responses each week. And optionally, we’ll use Zoom to check in and say hello.

IMPORTANT: I want to offer an optional drop-in meeting this Thursday, March 26, at 3:30 via Zoom. Can you fill out this Google Form and let me know if that will work for you? Should take less than 30 seconds to fill this out: LINK HERE. 

You can download the Zoom app to your device to get started. With a link I will send via email on Thursday, and the app downloaded, I can help as we get used to this platform. No worries. This might be a safe place to try this out since some of your other classes may use it. We will use it optionally on Tuesdays starting April 7 (March 31 is a holiday).

In a nutshell:

  • Fill out the form. Should take just a minute to do
  • Look over the Track 1 and Track 2 options (see above)
  • Email me if you need anything or have questions.

Take care; wash your hands; just do the next right thing.

In case you missed the video from Saturday, here ya go again:

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