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The future of bilingualism with globalization

So many of us, especially in academic settings, strive to attain the literacy peak of our chosen fields/areas of interest. In my more immediate world, I’m surrounded by many, doctorate bearing and not, who have pushed to reach the theoretical, academic peaks. As admirable as the devotion of these aspirations are, I can’t help but wonder what gets discarded in… Read more →

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Ramblings about Literacy and Composition

As someone who is studying literacy and language as my pathway in the English graduate program, I have been enjoying my literacy course way too much. I’ve been waiting years to study literacy and work with it in a meaningful way. I am also taking a course on teaching composition which is working pretty hand in hand conceptually with my… Read more →

“The White Man’s Agenda”

One curious idea I have continued to look into is the historical perpetuation of dominant western culture over those they have been deemed as other. Specifically I am getting at the “White Man’s Agenda” as it is historically rooted in colonization and imperialism. This attitude whether we see it or not is firmly rooted in our institutions and in the… Read more →

Power and Stratification

The area of literacy studies already seems so contested and polluted with ideological ideas it makes it a difficult subject to jump into to. Further, those ideological strains often pull heavily on sensitive cultural strings, especially within U.S. society, and playing with them risks reopening old wounds or toying with those still bleeding. However, there may be a necessity to… Read more →

Bilingualism in Literacy

The socially embedded nature of literacy is such an enormously large concept and category that it is impossible to fully cover it in one blog post. It is something that can be written about for decades without being entirely understood or explored. So I certainly won’t come to any definitive conclusions here today. What I want to do, instead, is… Read more →

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Identifying Literacy

One thing that has stood out to me about literacy is that how little I know about it. As each day passes I find new ways in which literacy is used in my life. In Brandt’s article, Sponsors of Literacy, she discusses how literacy effects individuals in the job market. It is not just the different means and methods that… Read more →


Literacy and Institutions

One of the concepts that has resonated with me is the idea of personal literacies. Before this class I had always thought of literacy in the traditional sense of simply referring to reading and writing. However after doing the pilot study and reading the assigned texts I could see that simple answer, while much more palatable than the truth, was… Read more →


Ethnographic vs. Ethnocentric: An Attempt at Understanding Literacy Things

Literacy is full of dichotomies. As someone who’s new to literacy studies, it’s been difficult to decide which nuanced perspectives to agree with.   Maybe I’ll write my way to some kind of clarity.   Literacy theories generally exist on a continuum between ethnographic and ethnocentric. The most clear example of an ethnocentric theory being the “Great Divide,” where literacy… Read more →


Bullet Points & Insecurities

I can’t lie. My first reaction to reading another individual’s writing does not come without an unspoken rating scale. Posts on Facebook, texts from friends, even my favorite copy of C. S. Lewis’ “A Grief Observed” where I cringe whenever I run across that one typo…I fear that it all leads to one conclusion: I, albeit subconsciously, view literacy as… Read more →