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Each week, 1-2 people will curate the ideas and writing from our class into a featured blog. We will use these blogs to connect with colleagues outside our course.


Congrats to @julwahleithner on her recent article "Five Portraits of Teachers’ Experiences Teaching Writing" in @TCRecord which highlights the importance of writing instruction for preservice teachers and the role of ongoing professional development. #NWP tcrecord.org/Content…

Welcome to Spring 2019

Welcome to Spring 2019

Hello 632 colleagues! And Happy New Year!

I created a video welcome with some information about the course and plans (see below). In a nutshell:

  • Here’s our course website (I don’t use BbLearn for anything). I’ll be adding you all as authors to this site soon so we can blog together. If you’re avoiding other work, you might check out some of the videos on the Stuff & Things page. The Internet’s Own Boy is an incredible documentary I have linked there…lots of new literacies to unpack from that film.
  • One eBook to buy for the course: see syllabus page for link, and explanation of text choice in video below.
  • Right before the start of the semester (by Jan 20), I’ll be sending you some prep for our first class session, which will actually be Jan 28. I’m going to ask you to do a short reading and write an Intro on our site during the week of Jan 21 (since I really hate missing the whole first week in a grad class due to the holiday). I’ll also send a link to a shared Google Doc with a reading we will annotate together for Jan 28 and some ideas for doing a bit of data collection on your literacies in prep for our first meeting too.
  • Feel free to email me with questions: kjaxon@csuchico.edu

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