Can’t wrap my mind around it

  In all utter honesty, this is me trying to comprehend multimodal. I get that this is out-of-the-box thinking with projects that allows people to grasp the concept more. It’s more than just writing, I think. It involves using your senses, plus writing and images that just blows your mind away. It always leaves one questioning how that person was… Read more →

Abby Normal

    I’m intrigued by the idea of Multimodality. In Saundra Wright’s Morphology and Syntax class we looked at a big-time linguist’s book chapter entitled The Language Mavens. The chapter was about a group of prescriptivist grammar-zealots who spend a lot of their time policing the grammar of others, and pitching a tried and true, “get off my lawn” tip argument that… Read more →


  Wow. Multimodality is so important for future instruction and providing an important illustration on how that method of instruction assists students with their work. Specifically, providing different aims by incorporating visual, sonic, and aesthetics helps students to have multiple examples on how to compose, perform, and learn a task or assignment. I am currently taking Biology 323 (Biology of… Read more →

Multi-modality ↑, Censorship ?

There’s a lot of different directions I was thinking about going with for this blog post. I could have talked about all the different types of modes, the benefits to a multi-modal approach, my own experience in learning in an education system that doesn’t prioritize multi-modality, etc. So, I guess I sort of did all of that? I don’t know.… Read more →

Defining this Thing Known as Multimodality

Being human in our organic selves means that we’re capable of something profound within our brains, which have more connections between their neurons and synapses than any computer, by the way. From the times of thousands of centuries before (25-40k years ago) when cavemen were scrawling their primitive doodling’s by firelight, unto some of the more advanced civilizations that followed as predecessor,… Read more →

Multimodal Drift

Update 2:03 After hoping through every hoop imaginable this is the best I can do so far…. now why dafuq does the video cover so much area? Anyway, this user-friendly experience brought to you by digital-gremlins, “You might not be flying a plane, but you can still feel crashed and burnt.” Cheers, enjoy the rest of the post.    … Read more →

Shaken. Not stirred, bartender.

So I was literally reading to hate this blog post because I could not think of anything in the past year that would qualify as multi-modal. To be honest, I was ready to just skip this post all together. I have never created a film, performed a song, done poetry, or written a blog and used images. After stressing over… Read more →