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What I Know So Far Paper~

As soon as we started talking about this paper, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to conduct interviews with people from other countries. This is mostly because I just love doing that shit. I did something similar with Zach for our final project in Kittle’s 478 and I really enjoyed the responses that I received. Due to the nature of one of my very few hobbies (video games, often online), I talk to people from other countries a lot. I’ve gotten to know some these people well enough that I’ve actually met

El Tepozteco (Tepoztlán, Mor., Mexico) – I failed to reach the top of this mountain due to supreme hangoverdness. My friend Laura carried a 32oz cup of Corona up the thing just fine though wtf. 

up with a few of them before and ended up getting a free place to stay and a super great guide in Mexico. Sooo last semester when I came up with some questions regarding learning English through video games and such, everyone responded pretty quickly and some provided quite a bit of detail. I’d like to do something similar with this paper if I can. I’d like to refer to Russell’s “Activity Theory” a lot in this paper, as I think it would be cool to focus on what learning writing is like for people in other countries (what worked, what didn’t, etc.). (In the beginning, Russell mentions that composition courses are US-exclusive.)

As I kind of, maybe plan on teaching ESL (potentially), I think that this could provide me with some insight.  In addition to conducting interviews, gathering information, and really thinking about composition courses, I’d like to weave in some of the ideas from the readings to create some sort of teaching goal. That’s all I’ve got right now!

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  1. Alec Pantaleoni
    February 27, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    What you have got is fine. I believe you will find creating a curriculum easier as time goes on. I would recommend borrowing foreign learning practices. In other words, you can teach composition like an English school or a French school.

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