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My name is Gabriela Luevanos but I would prefer to go by Gaby. I am currently a Junior and an English Education Major. I am hoping to become a High School teacher for a few years and possibly go back to school to be able to teach at a College level. I really dislike this whole process of describing myself. Mainly because it comes to the point in where I ask myself… should I say this? Is this too personal? Should I mention a little more? And then I think, wow I am a very boring person(Just kidding I’m really not). I am still debating on whether or not to do the TESOL certification which from the looks of it, I probably will. I think it is a great opportunity to travel and explore while gaining valuable experience in a different environment.

I enjoy reading a variety of things from articles on make up products to books about romance. I spent most of my time on campus because I work here too. I love spending time with my boyfriend who also attends Chico State and who will proudly be walking the stage in May. I love to dance till I can’t dance no more. My favorite genre is Bachata. I have a supportive family that I love to death! I will be pursing a career that I am very passionate about and that I saw my self doing since I was 5.

What am I hoping to take from this class? Mmmm… well I hope to improve my skills working with other students as a mentor and feel comfortable doing it as well. I say that I do not like to take charge in situations but I find myself doing so, most of the time. I also hope to further my experience and gain knowledge on the websites we will be using in English 30. Although, I am nervous for this position; I cannot wait to develop my skills and see how much has change in just a few months.

I currently work in the library for Rapid Graphics which is also know as the Copy center. I am very fortunate to have a job on campus because it very beneficial to my school schedule. Plus, I have great co-workers. This ties to my daily literate life. At work, I find myself looking at a computer screen most of the time. From doing transactions, to looking at my laptop screen for emails, blackboard and social media. Even on my spare time at work when it is slow I am either on my laptop working on assignments or doing my readings for classes. I do this reading to be prepared for class. I also write at work, in order to do my job efficiently.

In Szwed’s text, I was able to obtain these direct quotes that stood out to me the most:

  • “But the stunning fact is that we do not fully know what literacy is. The assumption that is simply the matter of the skills of reading and writing does not even being to approach the fundamental problem.” (422)
  • “I propose we step back from question of instruction back to even more basic “basic,” the social meaning of literacy.” (422)
  • “Educators often assume that reading and writing from a single standards set of skills to be acquired and issued as a whole by individuals who acquire them in a possession of steps which cannot be varied or avoided in learning” (426)
  • “Again the point to be stressed overall is that assumptions are made in education institutions about the literacy need of an individual students which seem not to be borne out by the students day to day lives” (427)

I was very interested in these quotes because it provides an idea that an individual shouldn’t be judged/penalized  by what an institutions expectations are. Alongside, it widens a variety of ways that an individual can use reading and writing in their everyday life other than for school. As a future educator, I would not want my students to believe that they are expected to reach each others levels. It is essential for a student to understand that they have other forms of literacy that can benefit them in ways they do not realize.

Nevertheless, I hope I was not too plain. Although I have blogged in the past in other classes, I always get nervous the first few times. I cannot wait to dig in this semester with you guys and start to further my skills and knowledge in class.

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  1. kjaxon
    January 28, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Gaby! So glad to have you back in another class! I love the point you make here: “…it widens a variety of ways that an individual can use reading and writing in their everyday life other than for school.” And I appreciate how this exact sentiment is reflected in your daily, literate life.

    You sent me down a Bachata video wormhole on YouTube this morning, which was pretty awesome. So thanks for that!

    See you Monday

  2. Ruben Mendoza
    Ruben Mendoza
    January 29, 2017 at 10:13 am

    Hey Gaby!
    I absolutely enjoyed reading about your literate life, and how school, work, and personal life literacy practices intertwine together. I especially enjoyed reading the inclusion of literacy practices into educational institutions, potentially increasing students interest, and enhancing their life. Regional areas vary within our country, and placing standardized methods into educational systems have proven to not work.

    Fortunately, I know you personally and glad we are taking English 431 together. We will become academic badasses and excel in this course!

    See you Monday,

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