Author: Heather Stogsdill

Formulaic Writing and What Creative Writers Do With It

If anyone recalls, I mentioned a creative nonfiction piece that detailed writing a five paragraph essay in the form of a five paragraph essay. Well, I may have misremembered the aforementioned piece. But only slightly. After much searching through the internet universe, I finally found the essay that I had remembered reading for one of Dr. Eggers’ creative writing courses.… Read more →

Week 1: Intro Blog

Hello All. I know that this blog is late, and I hope that doesn’t inconvenience anyone besides Prof. Jaxon and myself. Speaking of, I have to apologize again to you Kim. Hopefully this issue doesn’t come up again, but you are awesome for accommodating me anyway. Now on to the actual blog post. So, my name is Heather Stogsdill (pronounced… Read more →