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  Holy crap! I am ambivalent on whether I want to write an academic research paper, proposal, or literary journal. Currently, my mind is set to write the academic proposal to potentially use for a graduate writing sample.   Potential Proposal(I will expand): Remedial English courses place students towards unrealistic expectations and beliefs to obtain the basic skills needed to… Read more →

The Five Paragraph Essay Is Awesome! Not!!!

    Wiley’s article demonstrates the irrelevancy of the five-paragraph essay and students are too comfortable and hesitant to change the formulaic writing that was taught to them in secondary education. Students often assume that all writing stems from this format, and continuously use the format throughout their academic careers. Last night, I assisted my sister with her writing assignment.… Read more →

Holy Smokes! Writing is Complex!

Entering De Anza Community College, an institution I previously attended, forced students to take courses in remedial English if they did not pass the English placement test. I fell in that category and unable to pass the test, due to being illiterate from dropping out of High School. I felt that the courses were extremely difficult and focused primarily on… Read more →

Rhetorical Approaches to Writng

I do not know if I have a specific theory on writing, and reading articles on writing proves that composition is complex. Recently, in my life I have noticed that I have become analytical when writing emails, text messages, and assignments. Specifically, I have noticed that I instantaneously and naturally know how to write rhetorically when addressing a specific person,… Read more →