Author: Allison Clark

Nelson’s main point seemed to be that teachers can’t completely predict how their students will interpret information and communication in the classroom. Kate was a great example of this, and she really resonated with me. Although the information given makes it seem clear that she followed instructions on her assignment sheet, she still received a bad grade and pretty rude… Read more →

5 P

I was failing freshman English. This was pretty weird for me since I never failed at anything. Also, I constantly read instead of doing things—like, really important assignments and future type goals. So why would I struggle with a class based on reading? Perhaps it’s because I have always hated asking for help, not matter the context. Even if there… Read more →

Activity Systems

Activity theory revolves around the idea of medium, subject, and objective. It is an interesting study that does not focus on the relationship between the author and audience, as the study recognizes that audiences can be ambiguous or non-existent in the mind of a writer during composition. The study focuses on the objective of writing, which is common to all… Read more →

Theory of Writing

I think of writing as asserting a piece of yourself into a form of communication. As the text says, this may be for “communicating information, making an argument, expressing a creative idea…[and involving] ethical choices (31). Each time you write, you leave a piece of yourself behind in what you’ve written, the words you’ve chosen, the way you’ve written them,… Read more →

A story.

  I could read before I could speak. Or at least before people could understand me.   I had a pretty thick lisp and stutter and usually didn’t talk too much. I watched the world and read about other worlds, enthralled in the stories around me.   I was born on a military base. My family was strict- like a… Read more →