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Make Cycles

Our course is organized by two week “make cycles,” a term I borrow from Connected Learning. We will read, discuss, and make things based on the children’s books we’re reading. You can find the “weekly work” for each cycle in the drop down menu above.

Google+ Community

We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We can upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and artifacts here.

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Who needs a break?

Who needs a break?

Hey everyone,

Grade updates were sent this morning (11/18). Thank you for some creative work with the YA novels!

Looking ahead (after break):

  • We’ll be reading Miller Chapter 5 and thinking through some overall take aways for her book when we return. If you want to get a bit ahead, you could read chapter 5 over break.
  • Make sure you have Battle Bunny cued up and ready to go. We’ll be thinking about remix and doing our own take on the Birthday Bunny. After Miller chapter 5 and Battle Bunny, you will have read ALL THE THINGS for our class! We will start our reflection work, which will lead us into finals.

Hope you get a moment to relax this week! I’ll post the last series of assignments when we return from break.

Week 13 Updates

Week 13 Updates

I really enjoyed reading your comics and your reading plans! Thank you for some really thoughtful ideas, especially with Miller’s chapter.

Up next:

  • You have a response due Tuesday focused on a character analysis from your YA novel.
  • Last Goodreads review (on YA novel) due by Friday (11/17)
  • Make 6 due Friday too. I highly recommend taking advantage of the fact that these are young adult novels and lend themselves to cool ideas for a make. I could see making a playlist/mixed tape for Eleanor & Park using Soundcloud, making a game for Ready Player One or recording yourself playing a video game with commentary(!), creating Stargirl’s sunflower bag or filming an episode of Hot Seat with your family, drawing one of Cameron’s visions from Going Bovine, or writing from the perspective of Roza for Bone Gap….book trailer, original songs, lots of possibilities this week.
  • I’ll post the next Make Cycle when we return from break, which will lead us to the end of the semester. If you want to get ahead, you could read Miller chapter 5 and Battle Bunny. We’ll end the semester with a Reflection & Manifesto assignment, so you could also start reviewing your posts from this semester and taking some notes/highlighting ideas you want to talk about in your reflection.


Week 12 Reminders

Week 12 Reminders

Make Cycle 6 is ready to roll. Link here (and above on the site, of course). Response to Miller chapter 4 due this Thursday, Nov 9 (Friday is a holiday). A response to your YA novel is next Tuesday, plus the last Goodreads review and a Make by Nov 17.

Also, you might notice that I moved some of your posts to another category in G+. Turns out you can only have 20 categories, so I needed to combine a few from previous weeks. We should be all set now.

Looking ahead: after Make 6, we have Thanksgiving break (yay!) and then our last Make Cycle 7. We’ll think about remix and read Battle Bunny, which is one of my favorite kids’ books. We’ll end the semester with a writing assignment–a reading manifesto and reflection–and do some prep for that assignment as part of Make Cycle 7 when we return from break. One way to prep for that assignment is to look back over all your work and G+ posts and pull out ideas you want to talk about in the reflection. You can see this assignment and examples under the Assignments tab on our site.

Thanks again for the graphic novel work!

Week 10 & PICTURE BOOK assignment reminder

Week 10 & PICTURE BOOK assignment reminder

Make Cycle 5 is ready to roll!  Link HERE and above in our course tabs.

Hope you enjoy the graphic novels in this cycle! We are going to return to Reading in the Wild in two weeks; instead of reading Miller’s text in this cycle, I’m going to have you work with a rich resource that supports reading and teaching with graphic novels. Link to the resource in the make cycle.

Also, please remember that your Picture Book Resource assignment is due by this Friday, Oct 27.

Picture Book Resource (20 points)

I will randomly assign you an author (see link below). Find books by that author in CSUC children’s book collection, Butte County Library, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc. You can even find most of the books through the author’s website or look for the books being read through youtube videos.

Resource: Create a resource for us (a Google Slideshow, a Prezi, a website, a video of you talking about the author and reading from some of the books, a lesson plan) that we could refer to as a resource in our future classroom.

No matter the format you choose, your resource should include the following parts in whatever oder makes sense to you:

  • Show us book titles, author info, awards, interviews or videos with the author
  • Give us a feel for the books (link to a video of one of the books being read or you reading from the books or links to sample pages from the publisher or the author website)
  • Explore how we might use the book or books to anchor a class plan or activity. How could we use the book(s)? Share an activity that you create with the book as the anchor.

You’ll share your resource in our Google+ Community under the Picture Book subheading. You can complete this assignment anytime before Oct 27.

Here is the link to show which picture book author you’ve been assigned. All authors are Caldecott winners.

Week 8 Reminders & Updates

Week 8 Reminders & Updates

Hello everyone!

Grade Update: I sent a grade update to y’all earlier. Loved reading your responses to Miller from last week: you continue to do such smart work with the ideas in her book. I appreciate your reflective stance as you think about the teaching of reading. I wish I had time to give more specific feedback to your posts, but I decided I needed to trade reading them carefully and getting you some grades for lots of comments. I’ll endeavor to get back to comments in our next cycle.

Thank you for continuing to be so creative with your makes: from Sarah’s “slime recipe” to Casey’s pop-up book to Sandra’s snowflakes to Lynsey’s map, and all the great art, games, poetry, lesson plans from all of you… super creative work.

Also, do yourself a favor and listen to Alice Thurber’s (from our class) reading from The Girl Who Drank the Moon. Alice, you could sign an audio book contract. Stunning.

New Make Cycle: Make 4 Cycle is now up under Weekly Work drop down menu. You have a bit of a break this week (honestly, I need to catch my breath while I get caught up in the other three classes too), so just one post this week on Friday. A little more reading, but only one post. I would get started on Miller chapter 3 and your free verse novel so that you’re ready for Friday’s prompts.

Picture Book Assignment: Friendly reminder that the picture book resource assignment is due by Oct 27. There is a category on our G+ community called Picture Book Authors: Sharing our Resources. Megan’s is already there (yay Megan!). The link with your picture book author selection is also at the bottom of the assignment description, but HERE is the link too.

Digital Media & Learning Conference: I had an amazing week last week at UC Irvine. If you’re interested, you can find the talks from the conference here. I highly recommend watching danah boyd, Esra’a Al-Shafei, and Ricardo Dominguez talks. All of us who work in this DML community are interested in access, equity, and social justice and the use of digital literacies in meeting those goals. I often blog for this community; you can find my blogs here. This work is some of the most rewarding for me.

Enjoy your free verse novels! And thank you for your continued thoughtful work. Hope everyone is staying safe and your families are safe too in all the fires surrounding us.


Week 5 Update

Week 5 Update

This week (Sept 18-24):

  • Response due by Wednesday about your series book (which you should also finish by then). You’ll talk about how you might use the series in your future classroom. Post under Week 5: Series Book prep in G+
  • Review of your series book due on Goodreads by Friday. You can totally copy and paste from your series response this week. The review should help your future teacher self remember the book. This should take 10 minutes.
  • Make due on Sunday! Don’t wait until the last minute to come up with the idea for how you want to share your book with everyone! Remember, your make does not need to be digital. You can always share a picture with us. For example, one semester, a student made a doll for the book Doll Bones, which was pretty awesome. Again, your make should get people excited about the book, share a theme, a character, or help you think through ideas. Movie poster, book trailer, lesson plan, a game, an artifact, a website, a song, etc

Image of Doll

Week 4 Update

Week 4 Update

Hi everyone!

Friendly reminder that your first “make” is due tomorrow tonight (Friday, Sept 8). Really enjoying reading the new tales and poems that are there already; thank you! And you did fabulous work with the gruesome Cinderella tales. I’ll post grade updates this weekend per usual.

New video above with reminders, including more information about the picture books assignment:

Picture book assignment. You have been assigned a picture book author for our picture book assignment. Instructions for the assignment are on our Assignments page, where you will also find a link to the author you have been assigned. Link to your author here too. <– this link also shows all the books you picked for the semester. You will create a resource for us using your picture book author: you can create a Google Slide presentation, a Prezi, a video, a website, a lesson plan. You should give us info on the author, link to videos with the author, show us some of the books, and think about how the books could be used in your future classroom. You can do this anytime between now and Oct 27. You’ll share the resource in a G+ category called Picture Book Authors.

Up next: we are starting our two week Make Cycle 2, which is focused on your series books. Next week you’ll write about your book and Donalyn Miller’s Reading in the Wild. 

In last week’s email update, I asked you to please click on a link to let me know you’re reading emails. Only about half of you did, which makes me a little nervous. Please make sure you’re reading weekly updates and watching the weekly video updates. Lots of information you can miss. So, let’s try again: please click HERE and let me know you’ve read this email. Thank you for your support. 😉

And bonus: you really need to know The Paper Bag Princess

Week 3 Update

Week 3 Update

Hello everyone!

You’re doing thoughtful work with the LRRH versions of tales. Thank you so much for engaging with these ideas! Please remember to respond on a peer’s discussion every time too! The places where a few of you end up having a conversation about these ideas are awesome. I’ve highlighted some of your work on our example student work page: thank you Casey, Sandra, Jennifer, Alice, Janette and Brianna!

Also, I emailed some of you who have really short responses, asking you to expand on the ideas moving forward. I should be able to tell that you’ve done the reading, so the response should go beyond some general conclusions and should point to places in the readings to make your points. I would expect 3-4 paragraphs for much of the work we are doing with the discussions, especially if the response is connected to readings.

Please read the information below carefully:

Goodreads Group: make sure you’ve joined our Goodreads group. We’ll start writing reviews of books in a couple weeks. In the meantime, get familiar with the site, add books to our virtual shelf, etc.

Response & Make: This week, we are continuing our Fairy Tale unit and reading in the Cinderella cycle of stories. You have a response, two prompts, due next Wednesday (Sept 6) and then our first “make” is due on Friday, Sept 8. For this first make, you’ll remix Cinderella and write a poem or create a some art or combine both: drawing or image and a poem. You will also tell us about your process in creating the “make”: tell us why you made the choices that you did and what worked and what didn’t go so well. Instructions are on our Make Cycle 1 page.

Picture book assignment. You have been assigned a picture book author for our picture book assignment. Instructions for the assignment are on our Assignments page, where you will also find a link to the author you have been assigned. Link to your author here too. <– this link also shows all the books you picked for the semester. You will create a resource for us using your picture book author: you can create a Google Slide presentation, a Prezi, a video, a website, a lesson plan. You should give us info on the author, link to videos with the author, show us some of the books, and think about how the books could be used in your future classroom. You can do this anytime between now and Oct 27. You’ll share the resource in a G+ category called Picture Book Authors.

Books! We start reading the series books and Donalyn Miller Reading in the Wild starting in one week. Make sure you have your books! 

Grades: a new grade update is coming up next. Grades so far:

  • Introduction post
  • Response to Williams reading
  • What makes a fairy tale discussion
  • Little Red prompts/discussion

Total points so far: 40 (Sorry, not taking late work in the online classes: too hard with 140 posts per week between the two online courses)

Thanks everyone!


Weeks 1 & 2 Update

Weeks 1 & 2 Update

Here is the email I sent today and the weekly video update (below):

Very much enjoyed getting to know you through our G+ Community! Thank you for the introductions and for chiming in on each other’s posts. As will be our routine, here is a Friday email update. Each Friday, I will give you the check list of what should be done by now and what’s coming up next week.

I will also post a new video each Friday on the front page of our course website (a new one is there now). PLEASE watch these videos, as they are full of information about the assignments and the courseSee these videos as a required text for the class; they will help with confusions you might have about assignments. For example, at the end of this week’s video I explain how I work with grades and grade updates since I don’t use Blackboard.

By tonight, you should have:

  • Joined our G+ Community and written your intro post.
  • Posted a response to the “Puzzle to the Rest of Us…” reading (under Week One: A Puzzle to the Rest of Us G+ area).
  • Responded to a peer’s post (both the intro and the Puzzle one due tonight). This is part of our routine: always post your response and respond to a peer’s ideas/post.
  • Made an account in Goodreads and joined our 341 group
  • Filled out the link to tell me which books you are reading. AND ORDER your books!
Coming up next week:
  • Watch this week’s video update
  • We are starting our two-week make cycles. Up first: fairy tales
  • Post due by Wednesday, Aug 30 in G+ (under Week Two: Fairy Tale (Little Red))
  • Readings (various versions of Little Red Riding Hood) due by Friday, Sept 1
  • Also Friday, Sept 1: respond to two prompts about Little Red (under Week Two: Fairy Tale (Little Red))
  • Instructions and prompts are in the Make Cycle 1 Instructions for Weeks 2 & 3 HERE
One idea for this week: for those of you who commute, you might want to consider a free 30 day trial of Audible.com. You could listen to most of the books for our class on your drives. And listening to children’s audio books may fit in with your life better.
Thanks again for the responses on G+. You’re doing some really thoughtful work already!