Make Cycles

Our course is organized by two week “make cycles,” a term I borrow from Connected Learning. We will read, discuss, and make things based on the children’s books we’re reading. You can find the “weekly work” for each cycle in the drop down menu above.

Google+ Community

We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We can upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and artifacts here.

Weekly Updates: Week 2

Weekly Updates: Week 2

Here are some updates and reminders for week 2:

  • You should now see Make Cycle 1, which focuses on Fairy Tales, available on our site. This page will outline our tasks for the next two weeks. You can always find the current and past Make Cycles under the “Make Cycles (Weekly Work)” page on our website. This is where you’ll find links to readings, prompts, instructions, due dates, etc for two weeks at a time.
  • You have a response due in G+ tomorrow (Sept 5). Looking for your initial thoughts to this Prompt: What makes a story a fairy tale? What are the elements? Why do we continue to read fairy tales? What role do fairy tales serve in our culture? What are your memories of fairy tales? Post in Google+ under heading Week 2: Fairy Tale (Little Red). Should be 1-2 paragraphs.
  • Thank you for sharing your book choices with me. Here is a Link to Book Selections (so you can see the choices you made). NOTE: I also randomly assigned a picture book author to all of you. You will see an author’s name next to your name that also has a link to their website or info about him or her.  You can find the Picture Book Resource Assignment on the assignments page. You can do this assignment anytime before Oct 26. I’ll remind you many times this semester.
  • Make sure you ordered your books!

Thank you for the great responses to the ideas in our G+ community! I look forward to reading together this semester!

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