Welcome to Reading Literature for Future Teachers! Links above for syllabus and other jazz.

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You'll have lots of choices with your book selections. Our goal will be to find books you like!

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We'll read, make, share, and play in this class. Looking forward to reading ALL THE THINGS!

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Speak is a book about a girl named Melinda who has just started high school. From the first day of school, she knew she was in for a bumpy ride. All of her old friends have deserted her and she has no interest or motivation to do well in her classes. However, the only class

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Eleanor + Park = Soul Mates

Eleanor and Park is an exceptional novel that really grasped my attention right from the start. Eleanor is a misfit at her new school, and while she acknowledges this she is content with being herself (smart, witty, quirky, etc.) However, it wasn’t until she met Park that she realized that there are truly good people

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Definitely not a fan

For my graphic novel I chose Anya’s Ghost. At first I was really excited to read a graphic novel… but I guess I didn’t chose the right one. When I say “the right one” I mean one that I would enjoy. I really love the concept of graphic novels because it leaves some room for

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Speak--Kellie Decius

the truth will change everything

For my second chapter book, I decided to read “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson. This book is a story about a young girl going into high school who was sexually abused at an end-of-the-summer party. Instead of telling anyone what really happened that night, she called the cops to stop the party and is not

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More Feels than Drake

                        Eleanor and Park is the cutest book ever! Yes, this book is a love story that is shown through both of their perspectives but told in third story which is kind of interesting. This book made me believe in love again. Love doesn’t

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Smile :)

Smile was surprisingly amazing. I have never truly been a fan of graphic novels, but this book was so easy to relate to. Especially growing up in the Bay Area it was nice recognizing all the areas she was talking about. Besides just having the story take place in that area the story itself was

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Smile, Eleanor & Park

The graphic novel I chose was Smile by Raina Telgemeir. I chose this book because I recently got braces so it seemed to fit to my interests. I thought this book was very well done. All of the graphics were amazing- the detail, he color, the expressions- they all complemented the story in an appropriate

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Smile and Speak

For my graphic novel I read smile. I loved so many different things about this book. For one, it is SO relatable! Reading this truly brought me back to my awkward stage in middle school, when my mouth was covered in train tracks. Anyone who has had, will have, or has braces should read this

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Graphic novels make me Smile

For my graphic Novel, I read Smile by Raina Telgemeier. I have never read a graphic novel before, so when I opened this book for the first time I was a bit surprised. Before I even started actually reading the book, I flipped through some of the pages, admiring the artwork, expressions, and word bubbles

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Blog 7: Graphic Novel

Reading this graphic novel was definitely a new concept for me. I do not think I have ever really read one before, and I actually enjoyed it. Compared to the other novels we have read in this class, it was an extremely fast read that I did not have to stop and think about or

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Blog Seven: Smile

I wanted to start with a short review of the book Smile by Raina Telgemeier. Smile is a very cute and relatable book about a middle school girl named Raina and her journey through braces, boys, and bad friends as she enters into high school. One thing that really stood out to me about this

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Roller Girl

I really enjoyed this graphic novel. I felt like the artwork was not overly colorful, and the line art was great and consistent. The story itself was a strong lesson on finding ones own identity while dealing with other’s finding their own too. It deals with jealousy, identity, forgiveness, and acceptance. Overall, this is a

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Brace Face

Smile was a scary relatable, and I could see it being relatable to kids as well. This story is about Raina going through unfortunate struggles of being a middle schooler–from getting her teeth knocked out, to braces, to first crushes, to losing and gaining of best friends. This book is so hilarious and real. I

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BGD-Inspired Poems & Such

Part (A): For my poetry book, I chose to read Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson. The reason why I chose to read this book over my original choice was because I was itching to read more books by Woodson after finishing After Tupac and D. Foster. Initially, I assumed that the book would be

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Monster the Movie

Part A: The verse book I am reading is Monster by Walter Dean Myers. This novel is written in a film script form. This book is about Steve Harmon, a young black boy who is facing a twenty five to life sentence.This novel takes us into the life of Steve through personal journal entries he

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