English 341: It’s Like This

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Course calendar can be found above and HERE.

Weekly Reminders

Weekly Reminders

I’ll email you each week with a checklist if it’s helpful and archive those emails here too.

Week 4:

  • Your make is due tonight on our website. The ones that are there so far look great! Remember to write about your process too: why you chose to create what you did and how it worked out. (Makayla! I want all those baked goods: bravo!)
  • BRING YOUR SERIES BOOK tomorrow. We’ll be doing some reading in class and talking about the themes, characters, etc in our series books. If you’ve already finished it, then bring your chapter book…always have a book to read from here on out. 😉
  • Reading Donalyn Miller’s first chapters for Wednesday’s class. You could bring that too to read if you finished your series book.
  • Finally, it’s International Dot Day this week. You can follow the Twitter feed HERE. We’ll be participating with our own dots when Lindsay, Paz, and Lexi present on Wednesday.

Weeks 2 & 3:

  • Blog due Sunday, Sept 9 about LRRH cycle. You can find the prompts on the calendar, but here’s the link too to the blog prompts.
  • Read:Cinderella” (link to pdf of Tatar pp. 101-137) for Monday, Sept 10.
  • You’ll meet in picture book groups on Monday (Sept 10) too.
  • You need your books by next week, Sept 17. ;-) HERE IS A LINK so you can see which books you selected.

Weeks 1 & 2:

  • Please order your books and let me know your book choices by filling out this form by tomorrow night (Aug 31)
  • Your first blog post is due Monday night (Sept 3). You can find the prompts on the calendar, but here’s the link too to the blog prompts. The first blog asks you to introduce yourself and talk about your ideas related to reading. It would be awesome if you also included an image in your post: you can do that by looking over on the right hand side of your draft post and clicking on “set featured image.” You can choose from the gallery of images or upload your own. I can show you in class Wednesday too. REMEMBER:
    • you need to be logged in to write your blog. Username is your Chico State portal ID (ie: jsmith114) and your password is either the one I gave in class yesterday or one you changed it to.
    • once you’re logged in, you’ll see a button called “new” across the top of our website. Choose “new” then “post” and write your response.
    • Title the post with your name and a title. Click “publish” on the right hand side when you’re ready to share. You can always edit.
    • Our site will look much more interesting if you “set featured image” and upload an image that goes with your post. Try it out.
    • Annabelle kicked us off with the first blog and did a fabulous job, so you could see hers as an example of what I’m looking for. I appreciate that she talks about the Williams’ reading in her response too. Thanks Annabelle!
  • You are reading in the Little Red Riding Hood Cycle for Wednesday. Links to reading on the calendar. I would take some notes that help you to tell the versions apart.
  • Sit with your same teams as yesterday when you come to class Wednesday.
  • Thank you!