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Make 1: Fairytale ABC’s and Puzzle- Lauren Imelio

Make 1: Fairytale ABC’s and Puzzle- Lauren Imelio

Fairytale ABC’s:

Download (PDF, 3.68MB)

Cinderella Puzzle:


Since my group and I work together so well, we decided to collaborate and create a Fairytale ABC book and generate an online puzzle with Cinderella on it. We chose to do these 2 methods because they seemed fun to make and like it would give children a creative way to learn ABC’s with fairytales included. We collaborated and spilt up the ABC’s so it was easy to make and it ended up working out well. Erik found a list of fairytales by their ABC’s so it gave us more of a choice on which to pick.

I think both of these ideas would be fun and easy ways to get a class to interact and learn more about fairytales. The ABC book is fun to look through and theres many fairytales I had never even heard of. The puzzle is more for entertainment purposes, but would be very nice for a small child who is learning how to put things together.

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  1. I really like your ABC, it is so good. I love how they are all not just Disney characters it’s a wide variety. I lole how you guys split it up into groups that is a great idea!

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