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Make #1 Travel the World – Cyrill Somera

Make #1 Travel the World – Cyrill Somera


In class this week we read different versions of classic fairytales. For my make, I wanted to stick to a similar idea and read different versions of the same classic fairytale. I chose to read the tale of Cinderella, but from different countries. Each story was almost the same, but they had some details unique to their own country.

I read three stories from the Philippines, the Caribbean, and Cuba.

In a classroom setting I would read a story each week. Each student would get their own “passport”. In this passport, the student would document unique facts from each country we read about after doing a little bit of extra research. This activity would be great to do in a classroom because it allows the students to learn about a new culture and it really allows the student to interact with what they are reading.

2 Replies to “Make #1 Travel the World – Cyrill Somera”

  1. I loved what you did with your make! This seems like an awesome project to do in a classroom and I feel there are so many ways to manipulate it. For example, you might be able to incorporate your geography lesson. Great job!

  2. I really like this activity Cyrill! It’s a great way to incorporate geography and culture within reading a fairy tale. It leaves room for students who want to be artistic, while also keeping the simplicity of it for students who aren’t artistic. It would be cool to have one passport book that the class shares, and everyone puts their cultures version of Cinderella into it.

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