English 341: It’s Like This

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Little Red Riding Hood Arts & Crafts

Little Red Riding Hood Arts & Crafts

For my first Make, I chose to do an arts and crafts project, creating some of the characters from Little Red Riding Hood using household items: toilet paper rolls, yarn, crayons, a ribbon and a paper towel! Although I had limited resources this time, I thought it would be an awesome project for children to do in the classroom to celebrate finishing a book or unit. Plus, I love arts and crafts!

The picture I had in my head looked a lot better than the outcome, but what’s new. If I were to do this with the children in real life, I would make a trip to Michael’s and go all out: glitter, felt, googly eyes, anything that the kids could think of to make these toilet paper roll people come to life. I had fun making Little Red, Grandma, and The Wolf with my friend, so I think my students would have fun with this activity too.


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