Why a good book is a secret door

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Some great insights from your blogs

Some great insights from your blogs

…as readers we tend to search for some type of relation to the characters in the story and their situation. And based on how the character handles their struggle, we consider how we deal with our own. –Rachel L

Stories such as these allow us to bring attention to relevant societal problems in a lighter tone that can often spread farther because it is simply a “child’s tale.” –Annabelle

The stories we tell are rooted from our daily lives and no matter what way we chose to tell them they will tell the story of our struggles. –Stephanie

What message do we indirectly give the little boys who read/get read this story ‘when you grow up you’ll probably be a bad guy and the girls are automatically the good and pretty ones’? –Liz

In tales the involve internal problems the protagonist can be faced with things like ignorance, naiveness, narcissist, self-doubt, gullibility and sometimes love (ex: When Little Red enters her grandmothers house she should’ve see that her “grandma” had developed new physical features that should’ve told her something was wrong with “grandma”). The external struggle that are shown in tales can be problems with other characters, society, nature, and/or technology –Erik

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