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Reminders: Week 13

Reminders: Week 13

Hi everyone,

You should have received a grade update on Sunday morning. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You should see “exempt” for one of your “make” grades: this means you were a featured blogger for that Make Cycle. All of you have a grade as a featured blogger, except Make 6 bloggers coming up this week. For now, Make 6 bloggers (Jamie B, Sierra, Elizabeth, Kelcy, Sarah, Abby, Mallory) show exempt for the featured blog assignment; that will change once you complete the blogs later this week.
  • I’ll add in the grades for the picture book assignment once they are all complete on Nov 30. If you did your picture book presentation, then you have 20 points for that.
  • I will not accept late work with the exception of Goodreads Reviews, which I will take until we complete the last one for our YA novels this week. So, you have until this Friday (11/17) to finish any Goodreads reviews you’ve missed. Grades still left:
    • Picture Book (20 points)
    • YA Make (in class on Tuesday: 10 points)
    • YA review on Goodreads (5 points)
    • Reflection & Manifesto (30 points)
  • 65 points left. Total points for class: 180

No discussion post on the reading this Tuesday; those are completed now that we’ve finished Miller’s book. You need to give all your attention to reading your YA novel so you can be a good group member on Tuesday for the makes. Hopefully, you can finish by Tuesday or get very close…at least 3/4 of the way. I’ll come with a plan for the makes since we also have a picture book presentation.

Savannah, Taylor and Tanpreet: let me know if you need any materials for Tuesday.
*Note for featured bloggers (Jamie B, Sierra, Elizabeth, Kelcy, Sarah, Abby, Mallory): please try to get me blogs by Friday, so you can enjoy break. Pro tip: you could get it started in a Google Doc by writing about your YA novel and talking about the picture book presentation we had on Thursday. You could also talk about your overall take-aways from Miller. Then, when you come on Tuesday, you could have your laptop and take good notes about our makes. All you would need to do is polish those notes up and highlight our makes from class that day and your blog would be ready to share. Just a thought…
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