English 341: It’s Like This

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We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We can upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and artifacts here.


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Week 3: reminders

Week 3: reminders

Here’s the email I sent on Monday, Sept 4

Hi everyone,

Friendly reminders: 

1) before tomorrow’s class you should share a passage/quote and a question that could guide class conversation related to the fairy tale readings or Donalyn Miller’s first chapter. PLEASE remember to put your name by your quote/question in the Google Doc so I can give you credit. We are reading “The Tale of the Shoe” for tomorrow’s class.

Here are some examples from Katie, Sarah, and Anna-Lena:

  • Why does she choose, last minute, to run off and refuse the prince? Is she suddenly realizing that she is not interested in men and realizes she is attracted to the woman?
  • Why is the “beautiful” dress such a strong component to every story? What do these stories say about our ideals of beauty/wealth?
  • Which connections can we make between the two stories’ main characters? (What do Little Red and Cinderella have in common?) What about the supporting characters?
  • What are the benefits of having young readers read these versions, and what are some setbacks? Why would it be better to read a more “child-friendly” version? What kinds of discussions do you think young readers would have about each?
Notice that these are questions that could lead to rich conversations in class. You could also point to a quote you want to talk about from the readings. Links (below) to your shared Google Docs, which are also on our calendar.
2) Also, you’ll have time to meet tomorrow with your picture book group and think through how you want to divide up some tasks for your presentation/activity. Please be in class.
3) Finally, here is a link to the books you selected for the semester. A few of you still need to join our G+ community and join our Goodreads group. We’re getting close…

Links to your shared Google Doc:

Team 1: Sierra, Elizabeth, Isaura, Mallory, Anna-Lena, Sydney

Team 2: Chantal, Shannon, Kim, Hailee, Jorden, Alison

Team 3: Ben, Jody, Jodi, Sean, Brittanee, Ariel

Team 4: Jamie B, Sarah, Morgan, Katie, Leslie

Team 5: Alondra, Kara, Abby, Savannah, Taylor, Tanpreet

Team 6: Teija, Megan, Colleen, Kelcey, Jamie L, Tracie

See you tomorrow!

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