Late Blog Post- The Book Thief Review

Normally, I really enjoy breaking in a new novel, and I have always been a history buff. This book is unique and written in a very different style than I am used to, which is refreshing and respectable.

Personally, I really didn’t enjoy this book all that much. I couldn’t actually bring myself to finish it. It isn’t that the book is bad, or in any way the fault of the novel itself, it just really isn’t my kind of book. The style of writing throws me off a bit, making it hard to read for long periods of time. The story, although interesting historically, seems rather dull to me as a fiction, and never really grabbed my attention.

This story just reinstates the idea that students (especially younger ones) should pick the books they want to read. If I had been forced to read this book when I was younger, I wouldn’t have finished it then either.