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First of all, I know this post is long over due. I am sorry for that, I just really wanted to get through Eleanor and Park before even getting on the site due to spoilers. There is no way I would have finished the book if it was spoiled for me it is just a weird corky thing I have with books I really get into. On another note, I am going to talk a little about both my young adult novel and my graphic novel in this post. 

Flora and Uylsses:

This is the graphic novel I read. I loved it. Something about a girl and a squirrel that have an adventure was hilarious and just amazing. I came in with the perspective that Ulysses was going to be a boy and was absolutely thrown off by it being a squirrel that Flora rescues from a vacuum. Ulysses then gains “super powers” and is able to communicate with Flora not in the squirrel can talk kind of way but he can type.  Flora takes in Ulysses as her side kick to all the adventures throughout the book. Did I mention Flora is a cynic?  The characters in this story are all so interesting and corky in their own ways that it is easy to know which you like and those you do not right off the bat. As for this being a graphic novel it is not your typical graphic novel with comic scripts telling you the story if not this has chapters and pictures that go along quite well to describe areas of the book or even characters. I would give this book to a fourth grader as a way to introduce them to chapter books slowly or even flip it and give it to a child who does not like graphic novels as a way to ease them into the genre.

Eleanor and Park:

I am by far a huge hopeless romantic this book has been on my list of books to read for a while now so when I saw it was a choice I took complete advantage of it.  I had pegged this book for the typical love story boy and girl fall in love have a couple bumps love trumps all and they live happily ever after. Boy was I wrong this story tells it like it is. It gives you both perspectives of Park and Eleanor letting you into two different lives and really draws you in. I will admit this story starts off a little slow it takes a time to warm up to it I thought of putting it down so many times for that reason. I would not doubt that is why it has taken me a while to get through it but it has those parts that are worth the wait. There are gender roles that are very suddenly addressed through out the book. The issue of poverty male dominance in families are highly addressed. The things addressed in this book can relate to students on a personal level and maybe to those it does not it can still shine a light of reality of life and issues in life. I would give this book to a junior or senior in high school. The content in this book does require a maturity level do to the language and issues that are addressed.

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