English 341: It’s Like This

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Just like a movie…

Just like a movie…

Reading Anya’s ghost was very different from reading the other novels. This was the only other book that i read this semester for this class, besides Junie B. Jones, that had pictures. Instead of using your own imagination to create your own interpretation of the story, it’s already done for you. It’s almost like watching a movie, you already know what the characters look like when they are introduced. It was almost like watching a movie instead of reading a book. Even though there was text in the thought bubbles so you can see who was talking most of the information you get about the story is through the pictures.

When reading Anya’s ghost most of my time was spent on trying to figure out each character based on the way they looked and what facial expression they had on certain pages and parts of the story. The images tell you exactly whats going on. There are multiple images for the same scene to show different reactions from characters or to whatever is around that setting from what is shown in the pictures. Since this story was about a girl that is being by a ghost that tries to change her, we see all the changes that Anya is making by what she looked liked before and how she looks compared to other characters in the book that are supposed to be to smaller than her because she is Russian. It also shows the loud noises by using large text to show that something fell or broke. When showing certain characters reactions the images are zoomed in more to see a more detailed facial expression whether its anger or sadness.

I think graphic novels are great for classroom, they would be able to stay interested in the book because the pictures are visual pleasing to the eye. Although most people think graphic novel takes away the imagination part of the book because the images are created for you, the students could rewrite there own version of the story. Maybe they could change the ending, seeing how I did not really care for the ending, I would probably have my students draw there own ending. I also think drawing there favorite image from the graphic novel and writing about why this image is the most important or your favorite. They could probably do a character analysis or story map based on the images of that character through out the book. I could think of so many things we could do with graphic novels in the classroom.

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