English 341: It’s Like This

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Reading a graphic novel was definitely a new experience for me. I think I was in the boat of people who thought “comic books” or other graphic novels aren’t considered academic or were just for fun. After reading Smile, I have a whole new perspective. Graphic novels are excellent books for excitement, adventure, and stress free reading. Once I started reading it, I finished the entire book. What I noticed most was how much detail and content can be absorbed from reading graphic novels. Although there are fewer actual blocks of text than a traditional novel, I used my imagination way more and I still gained all of the lessons and enrichment from the text than any other book I could read. If there were to be a student in my classroom who really dislikes reading, graphic novels would be perfect for them to get started because it’s fun and easy to do. Kids really can benefit from comics and other similar types of reading because grammar and paragraphs are not the single most important part of reading. Especially for children, getting excited about the story and being invested allows them to use their creativity and develop a love for reading that will turn into something extremely beneficial for them. I really enjoyed reading Smile and I’m glad to have a new perspective on the importance of graphic novels and how they can play a role in the classroom.

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