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A Diary for Everyone

A Diary for Everyone

I am reading Diary of a Whimpy kid series. Sadly, I never read these books when I was younger but I used to babysit these twins and they loved these books. They heard about them from their teacher. I read some of the first book with them before we saw the movie, they were so excited to see the movie. It was special to them because they had read a cool story that was then going to be on the big screen and they already knew what was going to happen. I think it made them feel important. When I went looking for a book in this series I wasn’t sure which one I should choose, since there are so many.

Just by random selection I chose the Third Wheel, which is actually one of the newer books in this series. I have really enjoyed reading this book. It is bringing me back to when I was a kid and loved reading Junie B. Jones books. Its such an easy and interesting read. I can see why it is such a popular kids book. The main character of the book is Greg Heffley, the whole book is written like a diary of his daily life. On most of the pages diary-of-a-wimpy-kidtheir are black and white drawing and something happening on the page. The way they are drawn looks like something out of a real diary. Most of the things that happen to Greg throughout his stories are exaggerated but easy to relate to. Such as in this book from the series Grey’s weirdo Uncle has to come live with him and all he does is sleep on the couch and use all the bubble bath. Or during school Grey is starting ballroom dancing in P.E. There are more boys than girls so he ends up getting paired with a boy after bribing his teacher with a half eaten candy bar, not to pair him with a weird girl. I have found myself chuckling and even laughing out loud while reading. As a future teacher I hope to watch my students find the same joy in reading.

This experience of reading a children’s book was wonderful for me, before this class it hadn’t really crossed my mind that I should read these books so I can suggest them to my students. By reading all sorts of children books I will have a better idea and more suggestions when a students comes to me looking for a recommendation. I want to be able to recommend a good and interesting book for them to help guide them to becoming Wild Readers. I want to have all different types and genres of books under my belt. This would definitely be a series I would suggest to any of my students, its very relatable.

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  1. I am also reading this series and I am totally digging it as well! I find the books totally hilarious and I catch my roommates looking at me funny when I realize that I’m laughing out loud to The Diary of a Wimpy Kid of all things. I definitely agree with you on the thought of reading all of these children’s books has never crossed my mind, but actually doing so is so valuable. I want to be a wealth of knowledge in the reading world for my students, and I can tell that you do too, and if we continue with taking the time to read these kinds of books we can do it!

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