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Welcome to English 341 Fall 2019

Welcome to English 341 Fall 2019

Hello! I am beyond excited to teach this course again; it is one of my favorites. Due to this excitement, what you’ll find here is a very ambitious reading list and syllabus. (I can explain, I swear.) And while it is ambitious, and you may gasp at the amount of books we will be reading, I’ve tried to build in a lot of student choice in text selection. In fact, most of the reading in this class will be chosen by you and will be books you can put to use in your future classrooms. You can start clicking around the links I’ve included for the books on the Syllabus page and see what appeals to you.

One of the first things you can do is get the common, required book in your hands: Donalyn Miller’s Reading in the Wild. The rest of the books you can order (through your book seller of choice) after you’ve decided on your reading choices, but in the first week. You need all the books in your hands by Sept 11. I did not order the books through the campus store since many of them you can find easily on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the local used bookstore or our library.

Finally, just a head’s up that I’m going to throw you into the deep end of technology and connect you with communities of teachers who are tweeting, blogging, and discussing the teaching of reading, particularly the teaching of young adult and children’s literature. You’ll try platforms out in a low-stakes environment and I’ll help.

Seriously. So. Excited. I look forward to meeting you!

Let the wild rumpus start!

Dr. Jaxon

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