English 341: It’s Like This

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Blog 6 and 7 Paz Martinez

Blog 6 and 7 Paz Martinez

Blog 6

  1. After exploring the websites from the link you gave us I came to realize that there was so much information to use as educators. One of the things I liked the most were all these lesson plans that were designed for all ages. I plan to teach the smaller age kids so i think I will definitely be saving this for later in life to have access to all these fun lesson plans for graphic novels. I also love how you could find any answer that a small child could come up with like why we have to read books in which they’re not interested in.
  2. In my graphic novel “Smile” started out with this 11 year old girl who is in 6th grade. One day she running back home with some of her friends when she accidentally trips and falls knocking her two front teeth out. this leads to her facing many challenges in middle school such as bullying and other things related to boys, family, and ect.
    • B. Traditionally you read graphic novels from left to right and then look at the pictures or from top to bottom how ever they are designed but normally I look at the pictures first and then read the context. I don’t really read the text first because I like to get a glimpse first of what is going to happen or what is going on so that when I’m reading it i cal actually process all those pictures in my mind. I had one of my co-worker do this with me and asked him how he would read the graphic novel and what he did was just the opposite of me. He read the text first and then looked at the images. I guess we just all have our own way of reading

Blog 7

This chapter had a lot of good material but one of the things that caught my attention was when she suggested changing Name to Reader on assignments that we hand out. I thought this was a good way to get students into realizing they are all readers. I know that many of them are probably aren’t into reading much but this would be a good step to try and motivating them into reading. Overall this book has made me realize I’m a reader in the inside and that I have always been. I have gotten so lazy and kept telling my self oh your too busy to read and then would sit on my phone and look at videos or other dumb shit when in fact I could be reading a book and learning new things. Miller has motivated me into carrying a book around with me and actually read it while I wait for class or my friends.

In the novel “The hate you give” the main protagonist was Starr Carter. She is a sixteen year old who is an African American. She goes to school at this rich white private school but lives in a black neighborhood which causes her to be two different people at home and at school . Starr witnessed how one of her best friends, Khalil, was killed by a police officer when they were pulled over after going home from a party. In her childhood she had also witnessed another of her friends being shot dead and cause her trauma. Now that she lived all that process again she seems to be lost in 3 different worlds her home, school, and trying to become an activist in response to the unjust shooting of her friend. Overall I am really enjoying this novel and recommend it but I would have loved to see the movie as well. unfortunately I was told it is no longer in theaters.








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